Pregnant ladies: Are you “mom bod” ready?

Pregnant ladies: Are you “mom bod” ready?

Most women are warned time and time again of just how hard pregnancy and giving birth can be on the body. Even when the birth itself is relatively straightforward and trauma-free, it’s a fairly dramatic time for the body. The new mom bod isn’t just one that isn’t quite as tight and toned as it used to be. You can face a plethora of changes that can range from curious to downright worrying. Here, we’re going to look at some of the changes you can expect, including those that no-one has told you about.

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What not to worry about

Immediately after giving birth, there are going to be a few noticeable differences. For instance, you might find yourself losing more hair than ever before, with a pillow that’s littered with it. When you’re pregnant, your body is full of hormones that tend to reduce the natural hair loss we all have, making it noticeably more voluminous. The accelerated hair loss you might see after is just the body catching up with itself. The same is true for increased nighttime sweating. Your body is still storing a lot of fluids and it will take any opportunity to discharge them. Just in case you weren’t aware, permanent increases in breast and feet size is also to be expected.

After the motherly glow fades

The same brew of hormones that keeps our hair thick and glossy will also give us the “glow” that many people notice on pregnant women. However, it’s not often as pretty after we’ve had the baby. Melasma, also known as the “mask of pregnancy”, is the most common, manifesting as patches of more pigment in areas of the face. This discoloration never truly goes away but does fade over time and can be helped with better skin protection from UV rays and a diet rich in vitamins C, A, and E. There are other skin conditions common after pregnancy, such as hormonal acne, facial spider veins, and dry skin. These are all temporary, however. Dry skin can be treated immediately, while the former two may take months to rebalance.

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Activity is never not important

Heavily pregnant mothers should get plenty of rest and make sure they’re never pushing themselves too hard. However, the idea that you should have no exercise during pregnancy simply isn’t true. Certain pre-natal exercises can help you deal with the stresses of being pregnant and even help ease the process of birth. Post-pregnancy, you should visit for help to get your body back to good condition. It’s not just about looks, but about helping to restore energy reserves and stamina after birth. Many mothers do suffer a general deterioration in physical health because they don’t exercise after pregnancy. Exercise will also help you lose the mom belly, but don’t think about trying to rush that. The increased size of the uterus has a lot to do with that belly and it needs time on its own to shrink back down.

Back to basics

One of the most common aches related to pregnancy is back pain. After all, you’ve been carrying a growing baby for nine months and, postpartum, you will be carrying them in your arms a lot. If you have back pain, there are plenty of factors to consider. Changing to a comfier bed and a chair that offers more support, for instance. Massage therapy and low impact exercises like gentle yoga can help de-stress the muscles and build a little strength and posture so your lower back doesn’t have to take all the strain.

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Shutting off the waterworks

It’s one of the slightly more embarrassing sides of having pushed a living human being out, but a lot of women suffer from incontinence for some time after pregnancy. There are a lot of different reasons for this as shows, the most common being that this particular part of the body has been under a lot of stress and might be weaker than before. Kegel exercises can be hugely effective for managing this issue. However, if there’s considerable pain or discomfort while you pee, it might be the sign of a urinary tract infection or something else that warrants seeing your doctor.

The other kind of leaking

Not every woman suffers from temporary incontinence after pregnancy. The vast majority of them, however, will soon experience the well-known milk leaks from their breasts. Even women who don’t breastfeed are still going to be rather full of the stuff, so leaks are to be expected. Some only leak for a few weeks, others will keep leaking for months. There’s nothing wrong with them, so all you should really think about doing is anticipating them and making them a little less noticeable. You can stem leaks when you feel them coming by applying pressure to your breasts by hugging them with your arms. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to start choosing clothes that can disguise wetness. If you do leak, don’t use disposable nursing pads which can keep your nipples damp, resulting in soreness and infections. Use cloth pads instead.

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Not in the mood

It’s not as high a priority as some of the other issues on the list, but many women grow concerned about having a much lower sex drive after pregnancy. But there are plenty of reasons you might not be in the most intimate of moods. New mothers suffer plenty of stress and worry, for one, aided by hormonal fluctuations, as states. Breastfeeding can also decrease estrogen levels in the body, which can go on to lower your sex drive. Instead, focus on non-sexual intimacy such as massages and cuddling in the meantime. In a few months, your level of desire should right itself. If it doesn’t, then see your gynecologist.

Just as it’s important to keep a close eye on your health and bodily changes during pregnancy, you should be acutely aware of any differences after you’ve had your baby. Never hesitate to ask your doctor or midwife about those changes, either. Many of the examples listed above are considered normal, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip getting a professional opinion on them.

Important things to teach your children about finances before they grow up

Important things to teach your children about finances before they grow up


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As a parent, one of the best things you can ever possibly do for your kids, apart from loving them and providing for them while they’re young, is to give them a solid grounding in managing money and achieving financial stability.

Knowing how to manage money wisely is a skill that could help us all to avoid a lot of difficult situations throughout our lives, so it seems strange that so few of us take the time to sit out kids down and tell them about budgeting, the pros and cons of credit and how to manage one’s finances so that one is never short of money.

If you want your kids to grow into responsible adults who don’t struggle with money worries more than they really have to, here are some simple things you should aim to teach them about money before they grow up and leave home:

No One Owes You Anything

One of the most important lessons anyone, let alone children, can learn about money is that no one owes you anything. A lot of children right now are growing up in environments where their every whim is catered to, and they always get what they want. These kids are going to have a rude awakening when they grow up and realize that they have to make it on their own. That’s why you should, right now, start drumming into them the fact that, if you want something, you have to be willing to work for it. You can do this by giving them an allowance only after they’ve completed certain chores and doing so will stand them in good stead for the future.

Debt Should be a Last Resort

With the exceptions of things like mortgages and student loans, which actually enhance life for most of us, and make us better able to reach financial stability, debts are something that should be used as a last resort only when absolutely essential. If you do take out an online loan, buy something with your credit card or borrow money from someone, then you will have to spend many months and years paying back not only your debt, but also the interest it accrues, which is why you should build up an emergency fund to cover any unexpected expenses. Sources of credit are always available should they really be needed, but it is never something that should be relied upon over and above good personal financial practices.

Everyone Should Have an Emergency Fund

When you’re young, you feel like nothing bad is ever going to happen to you and you tend to live in the moment. This isn’t a bad way to live, and I’m sure we’d all be happier for our kids to think in this way than for them to worry endlessly about the future, but when it comes to money, things are a bit different.

If you want to do your kids a really big favor for the future, start talking to them about the importance of putting a little money away each month into an emergency fund, which will cushion them should a financial storm hit which requires them to find a significant sum of money fast.

Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

Having enough money to pay the bills, put food on the table, and yes have a few of the finer things in life is what most of us strive for and to the extent that it keeps the wolves from the door and stops us from struggling it can buy us some happiness, but if you use money and buying lots of unnecessary stuff like designer clothes, flashy cars and overly expensive vacations in a bid to beat the blues and boost your mood, it is almost certain to fail. If you’re unhappy or depressed, you’ll still feel just as blue wearing a Prada dress as you will find a simple outfit and you might have the added worry of being short of funds, or even worse in debt. This is something that kids need to understand as soon as possible if they are to avoid going a little crazy in the spending stakes when they start earning their own money.

Live Simply

Life can seem pretty complicated at times, and we are all constantly bombarded with goods and services that promise to make our lives a little easier, but you know what? Nothing Makes live easier than living simply, buying only what you need and what you can afford, with the occasional(affordable) indulgence thrown in. If you live simply, you never have to worry about being over your head in debt, keeping up with the Joneses or trying to earn ever larger sums of money – you can just kick back and enjoy life.

Take Care of Your Credit

Kids need to learn that there can be lifelong repercussions to going crazy with credit cards or living on debt. They need to know that if you ruin your credit score by the time you’re 21, it could take a decade or more before it recovers and that means that you might not be able to get a home loan, car loan or even certain jobs, particularly those in the financial sector because of it. If you need to use credit, then you must be confident you can pay it back and make every effort to do so if you don’t want to mess up all areas of your life for years to come.

You Shouldn’t Judge People on Their Wealth

Judging people by how much money they make or how little they have in the bank is something that only shallow people do, and it is much more important to judge people on their character, which actually matters, than whether they have the latest car or the most expensive clothing. Teaching your kids this could help them to avoid the well-worn path of getting into more and more debt to keep up appearances and outdo their peers.

A Big Salary Isn’t Everything

Although earning a good living is something we should all strive for, a good living doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest salary you can get, and actually, it can often be worth taking a lower paying job that you love if it means you’ll get out of bed happy every day, enjoy your work and get to spend more time with your family.

Saving for the Future is Something You Should Do Now

If your kids start saving towards their future as soon as they have access to their own money, life will be easier, they won’t have to work quite so hard in the future, and they won’t have to worry about their financial future at least. So, teach them the value of saving as soon as you can!

Teach your kids these simple truths about money and chances are they’ll grow into bright, confident, money savvy adults – what more could you want?



Secrets of lucky people

Secrets of lucky people



It’s fair to say that we all feel we could do with a little more luck in life. Imagine a world where everything goes as well as you had hoped, lucking into positive moments, experiences, and ensuring you get the most from life. Luck is a potent idea that suggests that hard work is beneficial, but it’s not necessarily the be-all and end-all.

The reality doesn’t quite tally with the idea of luck as some outlying force that descends on people at all. For most of us, luck is all in what we do with it; the phrase ‘you make your own luck’ is accurate. However, even if you accept that you need to make your own luck rather than being outright handed it, there’s scant information on how you should go about making your own luck.

So, let’s drill down and ask: how can you make yourself luckier? Exploring the secrets of lucky people could bring a myriad of benefits to your life, so here’s an overview of how they manage it…

Luck Is All In The Mindset

Studies have shown that luck is all in your mindset. People who believe themselves to be lucky have a tendency to experience more luck, meaning that you could change your fortunes with relatively little effort. Proceeding with optimism, rather than focusing on what might not happen, is always the best way to approach things. Even trying to think of yourself as a luckier person, perhaps even using affirmations to assist with this, could make all the difference.

Open Up Opportunities To Yourself

So if you get your mindset right, your next progression in the luck stakes should be to open up opportunities to yourself. Lucky people tend to be more willing to seize chances, to make the most of the things, to try things out. This could be anything from pursuing new work opportunities to small things like entering sweepstakes. The more you try your luck, the more chance you have at succeeding — and over time, it’s only the victories that you will remember. Why not talk to your boss about a promotion or click here to learn about how viable sweepstakes might be for you — everything you try is another opportunity to increase your luck.

Accept When Something Isn’t Working

Truly lucky people know when to walk away from something that isn’t working. If they’re unhappy in their job, they will walk away and seek something else. When they then apply for and land a better position, that might seem like good luck, but it’s actually just cause and effect.

If you are working in a job you dislike, trying to earn extra money with methods that aren’t delivering, or just don’t seem to be getting the results from efforts to improve your life — don’t stick with it. If something isn’t working, increase your luck by freeing up your time to find something that will work.

With the right attitude and plenty of determination, you can make your own luck — and improve your family’s lives exponentially as a result.




Safe winter driving with children

Safe winter driving with children

As dangerous as we recognize driving our children in our cars to be during the winter months, unfortunately we must still do it. We must still do it because life doesn’t come to a standstill just because there is ice or snow on the roads. Specifically, your children’s schools do not shut just because the temperature drops and the roads become dangerous. Unfortunately, you must still drive your children to school and anywhere else they need to go even when the conditions are poor. But, fear not as there are ways to make this a safe exercise. Read on to see a few of them.


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Get yourself a winter-ready car

There is a host of cars out there that come with specific qualities that see them branded as winter-ready cars. A car that could be branded as such is the Suzuki Swift. What the Swift comes ready made with is the ultimate tire to road gripping system: ALLGRIP. What this does, as well as the special SZ5 trim that comes wrapped around its wheels, is making sure that whoever drives the Swift feels in complete control of it, no matter how dangerous the roads may be.

Another, far more familiar winter-ready car is the Range Rover Sport SUV. This is a huge car that has the capabilities to keep the whole family safe, whether they are traveling by car on the roads, or off them.

Watch your own driving, and watch out for other drivers

However, no matter how good or winter-ready your car (or how new the car) may be, you’ve still got to do all you can yourself to drive as safely as possible. What this means is that you should go as slow as is safely possible in order to be able to deal with black ice when you suddenly find yourself upon it. It means you should find alternative routes if you know a specific route to be dangerous during the winter. And it means you should always be vigilant for other cars that may be skidding out of control.

If you don’t want to be accused of causing wrongful death, and if you don’t want other road users to harm you or your children this winter, don’t be negligent with any aspect of your driving. Don’t be negligent in regards to your own driving being and becoming a danger. And don’t be negligent in regards to spotting potential dangers coming you and your children’s way.

Don’t subject your children to more danger than they already face

Being on the roads during winter time is dangerous enough for your children, so don’t subject them to any more danger. And one such way to stop your children facing any more danger is to not let them wear winter jackets whilst seated in the car. This is because the wearing of big, bulky jackets can result in the seat belt not being tight enough around them. And when this is the case, the odds that they become harmed during a collision rise considerably. But, don’t worry as there are ways to keep your children warm in your car this winter, even without their big jacket there to do it.

Winter is a very dangerous time to drive, there are no two ways about it. But you can keep your children safer this winter if you really have to drive them to and from school or take them on family days out — you just need to take heed of the advice above to do so.

We deserve to feel good too!

We deserve to feel good too!

As mothers, all of our time, energy and love goes into our children and it’s too easy to forget to look after ourselves. Only at the end of yet another long and difficult day do we realize how drained we truly feel, and more often than not, look too. Here’s how you can begin to feel good inside and out again, and still be the wonderful mother that you are.



Eat right

A bit of an obvious point, you may think. Mothers concentrate solely on their children being fed, and more importantly, being fed the right food to help them grow into healthy children. We do tend to forget about ourselves a little, and this needs to change. Giving yourself the right nutrients will make each day that little bit easier to get through, and you will have more energy to tackle all of the obstacles that you’re faced with each day. Next time you make the children dinner, serve yourself a portion too, to make sure that you’re getting exactly what your body needs to function. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too.

Pamper yourself

“Yeah right” I can hear many of you muttering, but seriously, take the time to pamper yourself. Go to the nail salon and have your nails done, take a long hot bath when the kids are in bed and don’t move until the water is too cold to bare with.

Another great idea to pamper yourself is to put on some makeup once in awhile, get your hair done and remember what you used to feel like before your precious bundles of joy came along. You could treat yourself to tape in hair extensions and bask in the glory of how good your hair looks.

Have time away

People say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of going out for the evening with your loved one or your girlfriends, this will certainly come into play. Even though going out will be an amazing, child-free night, you will find yourself missing your children and ready to tackle the next day with a smile.

Being away from your children for a small amount of time will allow you to be yourself for a few hours and have some normal adult conversation; therefore allowing you to relax and feel good.

If you can’t get a childminder, then why not invite the girls over for an evening of wine, chatting, and gossip. There’s nothing quite like catching up with everyone’s lives after some time.

If all else fails, ask your partner to watch the children for an hour and take yourself out for a walk. Nothing clears the mind better than a walk in the fresh air. It will give you time to yourself, and also a great way of getting some exercise in.

Giving yourself the time to feel good will help you remain the calm and loving mother that you are. Mothers deserve to feel good too!


Making your yard a safe place for the whole family

Making your yard a safe place for the whole family

Creating a safe backyard environment is important for your family. Your yard should be somewhere where your kids can play without you being worried about their safety and an easy way for you all to get some fresh air and exercise. It’s easy to neglect your backyard, especially during the winter period but there are some simple things you can do that will make it a safe space for leisure and play at any time of year. Read these great tips on how to make your backyard safe for the whole family.


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Conduct a safety survey

If your backyard only tends to get used during the summer months, it can be difficult to remember what’s out there that could pose a hazard. You might find that some things have ended up in the yard that you didn’t know about, or you’ve got things that need fixing. Conduct a thorough inspection of your yard and make a note of anything that needs repairing or replacing and give it a good clean to make sure you get rid of all the hazards. Installing a shed is a great idea to put away any equipment or chemicals that could be dangerous in the wrong hands, and should be secured with a padlock at all times.

Install stable, effective fencing

Fencing is important for creating a safe backyard. Fencing stops unwanted guests from getting in, but more importantly – stops things from getting out. If you have young children who love to run around or an adventurous pet, the right fence will keep them safe and ease your concerns about them playing outside. Inspect your fence regularly for damage, particularly after bad weather to ensure your backyard stays secure.

Consider alternative surfaces

Most yards are built with grass, which is ideal for most activities but can be difficult to maintain. There are some great solutions available today that can preserve the look of your garden while reducing its maintenance. Using poured rubber flooring options can help you to create safe swing set or swimming pool areas that will make your yard safer, while artificial grass is an effective but hassle-free substitute for the real thing. If you’re serious about making your yard safe, you should make sure you start with the surface.

Introduce safety rules

Despite your efforts to be hip and laid-back parents, you’re going to need to introduce backyard safety rules to help the whole family stay safe while using the backyard. Rules can help prevent accidents around the pool, the grill and any play equipment that you have in your yard – and it’s important that the adults in the house follow the same rules. Remember to communicate them regularly – especially to new visitors, and you should have a happy and safe backyard environment.

Once you’ve transformed your yard into a safer space, you can work on making the most of it. Your backyard is a great place to get fit as a family as well as a space for entertaining and spending time together. Get your yard in order and put safety first to make some great memories in your outdoor space together.



Planning for your family’s future, without compromising the present

Planning for your family’s future, without compromising the present

Life is, hopefully, all good and well. Everyone will be happy and healthy; you’ll be doing plenty of fun things now, and have a good few months to look forward to. While this is, of course, excellent – indeed, what life is for – it’s important to keep more than one eye on the future. If you’re not thinking about the next ten years or beyond, then you might one day find that it’s too late: instead of only enjoying the present, you should have been making plans. Below, we take a look at how you can plan for your family’s future without compromising your current happiness levels.

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Have a Dream

One of the best ways you can plan for your family’s future is simply by thinking about. Have a dream, something you want to work towards over the next ten years. It might be to move into a bigger home, send your kids to college, or buy them a car when they’re old enough to drive. What it is isn’t too important, and can indeed even change; but in the meantime, it’ll work as an anchor that’ll allow you focus your attention on tomorrow.

Get The Finances Under Control

Though it can be frustrating, there’s no denying that our family’s fortunes are heavily related to our finances. As such, it’s important that we have a look at the state of our financial health, and make adjustments if things aren’t looking quite as rosy as you’d like. Take a look at all your incomings and outgoings, and make sure it’s sustainable. You should also check your credit score, as it’ll have a significant impact on your ability to get loans, mortgages, and other financial matters. If it’s not a good score, use a company like to find a company that’ll be able to help improve it. Knowing your current financial position will enable you to plan for the bigger things in life, as well as understand when you’ll be able to make them a reality.   

Budget for the Good Times

Of course, it’s all good and well creating a savings pot for the big things, like a house, college, and the like, but you should also be putting some money aside for the fun aspects of life. There are few things more enjoyable than taking a family trip to a destination that you’ve always wanted to visit. Creating a separate pot of cash that’s reserved only for fun activities will mean you can always have fun summers and extravagant Christmases. These might seem like small things, but they’re the things your children will remember when they’re older.

Worst Case Scenario

Nothing bad is going to happen, but it’s good to know that your family would be taken care of if you fell ill and were unable to work. If you have insurance and all your financial documents in order, then you know there’ll be safe and provided for even if something happened to you.

With a bit of thought and planning, you can make sure your family has as good a future as it does a present.


Getting fit together as a family!

Getting fit together as a family!

Looking to shed some of that baby weight? Is the man of the house desperate to rid himself of the cursed ‘Dad bod’? Are the kids spending a little more time on the sofa than you’d like? The truth is that whatever your lifestyle and fitness level and whatever age your kids, there are always some fun ways in which you can get in shape together as a family. The endorphin hit of exercise combined with spending quality time together as a family can lead families to come closer together as they help each other towards their fitness goals. Plus, anything that keeps kids active and entertained without breaking the bank can only ever be a plus!

Stuttgart family fitness

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If you’re looking for a free alternative to an expensive gym membership or just want to do more together as a family, there are a huge range of activities from free swimming pool games for kids to mother and baby exercises that are fun and accessible for the whole family while not costing a penny. Let us take you on a guided tour…


For new parents, using your baby as a weight to improve strength and muscle tone might seem weird but there is a range of exercises that can not only provide good resistance training for both Mums and Dads but provide baby-friendly movements that will have them cooing with delight. Favourites include:

  •  Baby curls- A variation on the classic crunch. Lying face up, bring your knees up and gently place baby on your shins. Curl by contracting your abs to raise your head and shoulders bringing you nose to nose with baby. Feel free to combine with a little kiss. Try this for 3 sets of 15-20 reps.
  • Baby shoulder press- Sit cross-legged on the floor holding your baby in front of your head. Lift baby up over your head and enjoy their delighted giggles while you feel the burn. Aim for 3 sets of 10 reps.
  •  Baby bench press- Lie on your back with knees bent and bring baby up to your face. Extend your arms before bringing baby slowly back to the start position. Again aim for 3 sets of 10.

Hot couch potato

There’s nothing wrong with settling down together to watch some TV but who says it has to be at the expense of the family’s fitness? Turn ad breaks into muscle-toning breaks by playing this game for 2-3 minutes. Stand with feet a shoulder width apart and squat down so that your collective butts hover about an inch above the couch. Hold this position for as long as you can, imagining that the sofa has become white hot. If your kids like playing ‘the floor is lava’ they’ll love this!

Homework hijack

Kids can always use a break from homework. It allows their brains a chance to reboot and aids their productivity. Why not use those breaks to boost your cardiovascular fitness as a family? Take 3-5 minutes to race each other up and down stairs or running laps of the block together. They’ll return to their homework with their fitness boosted and concentration levels improved.

By taking a few minutes out of every day to exercise together (even if it’s just a brisk walk) you’ll get fitter while bonding together.



What will your children inherit?

What will your children inherit?

No parent wants to think the worst, but each of us should consider our children’s lives after we’re gone. Our legacy to them is important, especially if something happens to us while they are still young. No matter where you are in your life right now, having children does make you think of the future. Do you ever consider what your children might inherit from you?

Your genetic makeup is just one thing that your children will inherit from you that might be evident from the moment they are born. This is one of the fun things about parenting – seeing a little of yourself and your partner in your kids. Of course, they might inherit any genetic problems too. You can help prepare and even protect your kids if you inform yourself about your conditions now. Read up, ask questions, and find out all you can so your children can use that information to make important lifestyle changes.

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Your children might also inherit some of your views and your outlook on life. If you are an active and engaged person, then there is every chance your children will adopt that approach to life too. They say you should lead by example, and perhaps that is more important than we think. Your kids will look up to you, and they will learn from you. They’ll adopt your faith, and they’ll move in your social circles. Can you give them any more than that?

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When we think of inheritance, we think of money, assets, and property. If you have children, it’s important you make a Will that clearly defines how you wish your assets to be divided. Your next of kin might also inherit your debts. This is why life insurance is so important. It is designed primarily to clear your mortgage. If you read the blog posts at you’ll see you can also ensure your kids pick up a cash sum to cover other costs like the funeral and outstanding bills. Perhaps you want to leave a lump sum for their future?

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                    Picture credit

Do you have any passions or talents in life? Whether your kids share them or not, they will remember you for your love of them. It might be nice to leave a memento or something tangible that represents that passion. If your relationship with their other parent broke down, then you need to consider any items that might be precious to them too. Of course, it is also important to declare your intentions for those items you held so dear. Your Will isn’t just about who gets what. You can also determine what is to be done with those items. It will help avoid any guilt should your kids choose to sell the things you leave them.

What will happen to the home where you raised your children? If you have more than one child, then chances are the property will need to be sold so the assets can be divided fairly. There will be dozens of wonderful memories they can take with them, of course. You might also have collections of photos or other mementos you kept from when they were young. What would you like to leave for your family?

Great gifts he’s certain to want

Great gifts he’s certain to want

Buying gifts for the men in your life can be exceptionally tough. They’ve got everything they need and buy themselves what they want. Without resorting to the good old-fashioned aftershave set, what does that leave? Many men are left opening gifts they don’t really want or have no use for at Christmas and birthdays. Many of which stay in the box until getting thrown away or re-gifted. So, instead, why not try one of these gifts he’ll actually want.

An Experience Day


             Image Credit: Pixabay

Experience days come in a huge range of different types. If he likes things fast, why not buy him a driving day and let him have a go in a fast car around a faster track? If he’s into food and drink, you could get him cooking lessons or a tasting experience. Does he like extreme sports? There are plenty out there he could have a go at. Or, does he enjoy the quieter life? In which case a couple’s spa day or some art lessons could be a great option. Think about what he enjoys doing or things he’s said he’d love to try in the past. Then have a look to see what’s available.

If a structured day doesn’t appeal, why not plan your own. Look at ways to keep the kids occupied and try to fit something around this. It could be something as simple as a picnic together on the beach.



             Image Credit: Pixabay

Many men rarely buy themselves clothes. They buy things for work or an outfit for a particular event. But never just day to day clothes. If you’re not sure what he likes, take him shopping or look online together and offer to buy him something. If you are really stuck, it’s probably safe to assume he needs new pants, socks or shoes.


More men are wearing jewelry than ever before. But, many are reluctant to buy it for themselves. Think about his style and tastes. Would he prefer beachy beads, or classic silver or gold? Can you see him in a bracelet? Or would he prefer a necklace? Not all men are into jewelry, but if he is, this is a thoughtful gift.

A Watch


             Image Credit: Pixabay

In the days of smartphones it’s perhaps surprising how many people still like to wear a watch. This is a classic gift he’s sure to appreciate.

A Subscription Box

Nowadays subscription boxes are available for everything, including food, clothes, and memorabilia. In many ways, they are the gift that keeps on giving as he’ll get a treat every month. Read some subscription box reviews and think about what kind of things he likes to get some ideas. Some great options include food hampers, whiskey or wine tasting sets and gaming goods.

Tickets to an Event

Tickets to an event is a great gift. This could be a sporting event, show or music concert. You are buying the chance to spend the day or night doing something they love. Just make sure he’s free for whatever you book and that you arrange childcare or time off work if it’s needed, so he doesn’t have to stress out making arrangements and can just enjoy himself.

Buying gifts for men doesn’t have to be tough. Just spend some time thinking about his hobbies and interests, then try and find something that’s relevant to these. You can always keep the receipts. Just in case.

What’s on your husband’s wish list this year?