Use Groupon’s coupons for great deals this Mother’s Day

Use Groupon’s coupons for great deals this Mother’s Day

We’re all familiar with all of the great deals you can find on Groupon. Looking for a discount on group pole dancing lessons? Groupon is your place. (I’ve done this BTW, so fun.) Need a hookup on an Escape Room in your city? Groupon will never let you down. It’s to the point when I get bored I will just scour Groupon for fun, inexpensive entertainment near me.

On top of awesome, local fun you can also shop your little heart out in Groupon’s own marketplace – where you will find everything from makeup to Playstations at deep discounts – and even awesome deals on travel! But Groupon doesn’t stop there because now they are the source for coupons and discount codes at some of your favorite sites to shop on the internet.


Mother’s Day is coming!

In case you’ve been under a rock, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Groupon has you covered. Whether it’s a gift for mom, or one for yourself because, let’s be honest here, only we know what we really want, amirite?, you will find something at any one of the stores Groupon had coupons for. In fact, I spy with my little eye a 25% off any sale item at Kate Spade – boom, done.

GrouponEnvelopeEverything you need and more

Use Groupon Coupons to brighten up someone’s Mother’s Day with a bouquet from Buy your aunt, who’s always been like a mother to you, a bottle of perfume from Nordstrom or NeimanMarcus. Or just get yourself those running shoes you’ve been eyeballing at FinishLine – all with coupons from Groupon.

Let’s not forget Father’s Day is just around the corner and Groupon has a coupon for that. From HomeDepot to Guitar Center, Groupon has a way to show your love and appreciation of all that moms and dads do every day.

Happy shopping! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms out there. We are tired, we’re probably hungry, and there’s a good chance we’ve been yelled at today by someone we need to remind to pee but we are awesome. And there’s not much a long shower, a glass of good cheap wine and an early bedtime for the littles can’t fix. 

Stylish holiday greetings with Minted

Stylish holiday greetings with Minted


I’ve always had a thing for Christmas cards. I start sometime in November and, as per Martha Stewart, they are in the mail no later than December 1st. Once I had kids, my obsession went into over time. Outfits, location, lighting, dog or no dog… It’s gotten insane. One of my favorite things about the holiday is also receiving everyone else’s cards. Every year I swoon over what my friends and family come up with– foil accents, double sided, thick card stock, collages, accordion fold!

This year I was invited to kick up my own holiday card game up a notch with Minted and I seriously cannot explain to you how excited I was. And as a person who has a very well known problem with making decisions, I knew I had to start my process as early as possible…and it STILL took me about 3 weeks to nail it down. Minted has such gorgeous and creative designs that can be customized in anyway possible so you’re guaranteed to make your card stand out in this years sea of joyous greetings.


Minted Collage

Once I got my photos narrowed down to two options, a feat in itself, I was on to the Minted website. By far the handiest feature on Minted was the ability to upload my photo and instantly see it in all the different varieties of cards. That saved me so much time that I no longer had from all the previous time I had wasted. From there I chose my card, fiddled with the fonts, colors and even the die-cut shape of my card. This year I also opted for Minted to do the labeling and addressing for me since every year I dread this process. Bonus, matching envelops and addressing is FREE. Yes, free.  So go ahead and give that hand a break this year.

Minted card come in hundreds of styles, 9 unique die-cut shapes, are made with the most luxurious high quality card stock and some styles even have gorgeous hand-pressed gold, silver or rose gold foil- all for starting at $0.60 per card.

It’s not too late! You still have time to get your own beautiful Minted holiday cards so head on over to Minted and get started now!


Sitting pretty with Delta Children

Sitting pretty with Delta Children

I just love finding adorable out-of-the-box gifts for kids, especially if they enhance the environment rather than just add clutter, then I’m all in. Seriously, the last damn thing my playroom needs is another toy–especially with Christmas coming up. So when I received this adorable little chair I was immediately in love.

Delta Children 1

I was really impressed with the bright colors, adorable Paw Patrol print and sturdy construction, I was even able to sit my butt in it. But I was really taken with how much Abbey loves it. At 9 months (OMG time quit flying) she loves to do things that her big sister does, including sitting in a big girl seat and watching TV in the playroom, and this little chair is so perfect for her.

With a price point of $60 for this particular chair, and only $30 for several of their other styles of chairs, Delta Children hits the mark as the one gift your kids might not have asked Santa for but will use and love for years to come. This super cute Paw Patrol chair can be found (in store only) at Target, but you can find their whole line of Delta Children at, with characters like Frozen, Mickey, Minnie, Ninja Turtles and Cars.

I just gave you another great reason to run to Target today, you’re welcome. (Like you needed me to give you a reason at all.)

Delta Children 2

Audrey loves the chair too, she just expresses it in weird way.


*I received this chair as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. 


Back to school with Mabel’s Labels

Back to school with Mabel’s Labels

It’s that time again. You went out, spent a whole weekend (at least) and your hard earned money on a bunch of new crap for your little darlings. Wouldn’t it be nice if they got to actually keep that beautiful new crap? If all that expensive new crap made it from point A to point B then back again?

Or scenario B: Your awesome hard working teacher sent you a list of school supplies that’s as long as you wish your patience was…and it all needs to be labeled with your darling child’s name.


Well I’m about to save you a ton of time, energy and money: meet Mabel’s Labels.  These adorable labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, washable, and come in a large variety of sizes, colors, and packages to fit any picky child’s tastes and your budget. (PS, free shipping on all orders!)

We’ve been using these labels since Audrey was a baby and as soon as I knew what we would be naming Abbey I was online ordering hers. Shoes, back packs, diaper bags, sippy cups, bottles, toys, jackets…you name it, I have a label on it telling you who it belongs to. Mabel’s Labels also makes allergy safety bracelets and household labels so if you’re like me and you like to keep your stuff then get your self some super cute Mabel’s Labels.



Disclaimer: I received an Ultimate back-to-school combo pack from Mabel’s Labels as part of my BTS Savvy Sassy Scout box but I’ve been a loyal Mabel’s Labels user for years. :)

Hello happy teeth!

Hello happy teeth!

Back to school means back to morning hallway rush-hour where screaming will be heard, arguments will be had and shoes will be lost. All in hopes of making it out the door on time and presenting ourselves to the outside world as clean, well groomed, matching, productive members of elementary school society. (Hopefully.)


For us, one of the things that seems to be the most difficult (either before bed of before school) was the daunting chore of brushing the teeth. Is it the toothpaste? The back and forth action? Or is it the spitting? I’m not sure but whatever it is, my five-year-old is not a fan.

So when I opened this months Savvy Sassy Scout box for back to school season, I was so so happy to see three tubes of Hello Products toothpaste for kids. With all the fanfare in their debut it was hard to miss when this awesome line came to stores but I hadn’t had a chance yet to try them out. I can see now what everyone was raving about since they taste good (which kids love) coming in delicious flavors like bubblegum, blueberry, green apple and mango mint and yet are free from artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes.  On top of all that they have now been awarded the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, which means it’s clinically proven to fight cavities and strengthen enamel.

Hello Collage

All of this means happy kids and happy moms.

I am happy to report that it now only takes me yelling “Go brush your teeth!” once to get the job done. Progress! We’ve even made a game out of it, Audrey will go brush her teeth and when she comes back I have to smell her breath and guess which toothpaste she used. It’s win-win all over the place.

What fun tricks do you use to get your kids to do what you want?





Easy and healthy back to school lunch box favorites

Easy and healthy back to school lunch box favorites

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!! ::insert happy dance:: But along with new clothes, new shoes and new teachers are some of the same old pains in the butt. Namely making a lunch every day that’s worthy of being traded for Oreo’s.

Sount box snacks

I don’t know why making Audrey’s snack to take to school is such a thorn in my parenting side. Like seriously, it’s my job to keep her alive and feeding her is an intergril part of that, so what gives? Maybe it’s because when I go all out chopping and slicing her lunch box comes home looking untouched, but when I throw in a Fruit Roll-Up and cookies it’s been licked clean like I hadn’t fed her in a week. And now she says that she hates peanut butter! I don’t even know if that’s legal!

Thankfully this month’s Savvy Sassy Scout box is all about Back To School and it came full of great stuff to make lunch boxing easy and healthy, all in single-serving pouches that don’t make me look like that ONE mom in the pick-up line. (Don’t act like you don’t know who I’m talking about. There’s always one.)


First up is Jammy Sammy’s by Plum Organic. These tasty little treats are 100% whole grain, organic, have zero HFCS, and come in apple, blueberry, strawberry and grape. Did I also mention they are tasty? Even the worlds pickiest five-year-old had nothing but rave reviews and that’s saying something. She voted these a thumbs up and must buy again.


Next up are Mash Ups also by Plum Organic. Now these were a bit harder to put by my taste tester because somehow she got it in her little head that purees in pouches are for babies and she’s FIVE and therefore too big for such childish antics. I made her try it anyway and she loved it and now they are a lunch box staple. Not to say I told you so, but I SO told you so. Mash Ups are a great source of fiber, have zero added sugar, are full of vitamin C and come in too many flavors to list (some even sneak in vegetables, but I won’t tell if you won’t).


Rounding out our list are an old favorite here in the house: Annie’s Homegrown Organic Cheddar Bunnies. Oh the cuteness and the yummy. Non-GMO, certified organic, and free of anything else gross and unpronounceable, we are rarely out of bunnies in our house. If cheddar is not your bag try out the graham cracker or the sour cream & onion. ::drool::

Would you want to win a Savvy Sassy Scout Box filled with all this and more of your very own? Of course you do! Well hurry up and head on over to Savvy Sassy Moms and enter to win! And while you’re there check out all the other stuff going on, like my post on the best baby gear to beat the heat or meet my new favorite appliance!


Side note: Audrey has started kindergarten this year and since it’s half day she only goes from 12-4, meaning she’s had actual lunch before she’s even left the house. What I pack in her lunch box is a snack they give the kids later in the day. 





Remembering Laurel

Remembering Laurel


My very very good friend left this world yesterday.

She passed away.

She died.

And I cannot seem to put together a string of words well enough to convey to you the level of her radness. Because that’s what I want to do. I want to shout out to everyone who didn’t know her some perfectly articulate sentence so that they will fully grasp who she was and then miss her and mourn her too. I want people to know what a loss we all should be feeling right now and be heartbroken with me.

She was the type to sparkle. She was brilliant, witty, and hilarious. She believed in fairies and magic and little people that sit in tents and chant at festivals in the desert. She believed in God and angels and hope. She believed in love and art and really really bad reality television.

She also believed in me.


My friend, Laurel, was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back that then went into her bones, her liver, her lungs and finally, her brain. It was a long battle (she would hate me if she saw I called it that, she hated that term) but I feel privileged to have been a small part of. Take the time to read her blog. It’s smart, funny and real – like her.

Two or three times a week, depending on her treatment, we would scour the internet for memes to entertain her while she was hooked up to machines. We had the same odd sense of humor that neither her husband, nor mine, thought was funny. “Brett doesn’t like that all I talk about is stuff I see on the internet but all my friends are in there.” Yup.

We played a lot of Words With Friends (which she wasn’t very good at). We never got to finish our last game.


She was hopelessly cool without trying, part sophisticate, part dirty hippie. She had expensive tastes, decorated her Christmas tree with random animal bones and wild bird feathers, and felt life was (literally) too short to eat shitty food.

She loved my babies. Audrey made her plastic jewelry and thought she was the coolest because she had a bird named Pixel. (When Audrey found out that she had died she told me not to be sad and recommended I draw a picture of Laurel and her bird so that I would never forget her.)

Laurel wanted nothing more than to be a mother and after years of trying it was finally happening….

Their daughter is due on July 27th via surrogate.

Twenty-two days after Laurel’s spirit left the earth her baby girl will enter it.

Brett: Our hearts are breaking with yours but we will be here for you, however you need it. We will shower Fire Baby with love, and time, and a million memories of her mother. Thank you for making her so happy, you were the love of her life.









I rock Abbey to sleep for every nap and at bed time every single day. I know it’s a bad habit, trust me i know.

Maybe it’s because she was born a tiny peanut four weeks too early and all we did was hold her. Me especially. She was in my arms almost 24/7, breaking every rule I had previously made in my mind, including “I will never co-sleep”. But I wasn’t about to put her down as somewhere deep down in the midst of the hormones and lack of sleep I was slightly convinced that if I did something would happen. Of course it never did.

Maybe it’s because Audrey is five now and has better things to do than let her mom rock her like a baby. Duh mom.

Maybe it’s because I know this is my last baby and this moment, right now, is the youngest she will ever be and every day she is just getting bigger and bigger.

There are only 940 Saturday’s from when your baby is born until they turn 18. That’s 17 down and 923 to go.

So until further notice, I will snuggle, I will sing (terribly) our favorite lullaby, I will study every little eyelash and feature, I will let the dishes wait…

and I will rock.



Preschool: Why didn’t you people warn me?

Preschool: Why didn’t you people warn me?


I’ve been through a lot of crap in my life. Hard crap. Death, divorce, taxes. All of the things that could break a lesser woman, however, I had no idea what hard could be until Audrey started pre-K. See, I know my daughter. I know her sweet little heart, but I also know that one of the main reasons she is still alive is because she’s cute and she’s probably only cute to me because she’s mine. I know these things, I’m not trying to kid myself. So sending her off to someone who might not find her as cute as I do worries me, except for the fact that I know that legally they can’t kill her so that’s good, right?

I knew we would have some issues. I thought to call her teacher and give her a friendly warning but surprises are just so much fun. Audrey is “strong willed”(bossy) to put it nicely. She’s a leader, not a follower (again, bossy). She is vocal with a wide vocabulary and smart (bossy and a smart ass). Too smart sometimes while not being afraid to call you out. In fact, the other day I told my husband that I SWORE she gives me the “get your shit together, mom” look. Seriously, she does. In her defense, I often do need to get it together.

On the first day we had a long talk on the way to school about behavior and making good choices. I thought we were clear. That day upon pickup, a very sweet looking (and young, very very young) Miss Johnson pulled me aside and said “We had a tough day today.” Seems Audrey decided sharing was for amateurs, so was listening, cleaning, and pretty much anything else. Also, sand in the shoes. CRISIS! Crying melt down. Hysterics. And… Scene.

Day two: Wash/rinse/repeat

Day three we had a breakthrough. I decided to have a long talk with Miss Johnson about ways we could mutually team up to defeat the thumb-sucking dictator and reign supreme. I shared with her some ways that we work through issues and crying at home and implemented a sticker system to be done at home. You call it bribery, I call it winning. To-may-to, to-mah-to.


The deal was that if Miss Johnson said Audrey had a good day at school she would get a sticker for her chart at home. After 8 stickers she could pick a prize. Not surprisingly she choose a stuffed Parasaurolophus. I know right? Who wouldn’t?

Several great days followed. She was like a new kid! Then we had a bad day. Audrey again decided cleaning up the toys was for the staff and refused by staging a sit-in under her desk and crying. Later that day she didn’t get picked to do some job (oh NOW you want to help?) and this time chose to crawl under Miss Johnson’s desk. When they politely tried to pry her from her den she hit the teacher’s aide in the arm.

A few more good days….

And then…the day from hell.

Oh this particular day I walked in for pickup to see a haggard looking Miss Johnson who clearly looked in need of a stiff cocktail. She started off by saying, “Now I want to just say that everyone’s child has had a day today. All of them. ALL. OF. THEM. However…”

And this is where it gets interesting. So apparently Audrey got a little tired during Circle Time and decided a nap on the classroom kiddie sofa was in order. At this point, judging from the new grey hairs on Miss Johnson’s very young head (she’s got to be 25, tops), I could only imagine that she could have cared less about the impromptu nap time. Except, of course, Audrey took it a step further when every time she spoke (you know since she was TEACHING and all), Audrey would loudly yell, and yes, this is a direct honest-to-God quote, “WOULD YOU PLEASE KEEP IT DOWN, I’M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!” 

I definitely didn’t plan this whole pregnancy thing out so well, timing wise, with the whole preschool thing because I don’t think I’ve ever needed a cocktail so bad in my life.

Cheers to you, Miss Johnson. Somebody get this girl a shot of vodka and a cookie…after hours, of course.

PS, can we talk, just briefly, about drop off. What the hell is the deal with school drop off? The first day of school I drove the wrong way down the drop off lines. Yes, I was that mom with my husband following behind me, completely mortified and cursing in way I’m sure would make a sailor blush. You would have thought I was clubbing a baby seal or letting Audrey mainline crack in her car seat! I’m new here people! Pre-k mom coming through! Drop off is like a well choreographed minivan ballet where nobody invited me to practice.  Drop off scares me. Whatever Minivan Mafia, I’ll park and walk. I like the exercise, it’s only 106 out.


It’s a…

It’s a…


Yesterday afternoon I was off to yet another doctors appointment because that’s what you do when you’re old and you’re pregnant. Old pregnant ladies go to lots of doctors appointments. In fact, I’ve had 3 ultrasounds and I’m only 12 weeks (as of today). This is the most photographed fetus in town. The Kim Kardashian of fetuses, if you will.

However this was a special ultrasound in that it was my NT (Nuchal Translucency) which is the test for Downs. People have asked why I agreed to take the test when my doctor recommended it to me. Well, first off, we would never terminate. Ever. But my doctor had a great point when she said she doesn’t offer the test so that you have an out, but so that you are prepared in delivery. So that if there are any other issues you will already have doctors lined up to be in delivery, therapists, supportive friends and family. And I 100% agree with all of that. See, I am a planner. A scheduler. I don’t buy a vacuum without 3 weeks of intense research, I’m not about to bring another person into this world without having done everything I could to make sure they have the best possible care from minute one.

Well, one of the happy side effects of this test is that if the baby is cooperative and you have a very nice ultrasound tech there is a good chance you will get the gender of your baby which is the one thing most people can’t wait to get. And I  knew all this because, duh, Google. I was prepared. I took with me the sweetest little card and before I even sat down on the table I explained to the lady that I knew what was up and asked that if possible and if she didn’t mind would she write it down on the card so I could open it with my husband.

She explained to me that often they aren’t able to accurately get gender but she would try….and off we went.

Now in my heart I knew it was a boy. When pregnant with Audrey all I wanted was donuts, Lucky Charms and peanut better and jelly. With this kid I am all Mexican food and baked potatoes. I popped out right away, had hardly any morning sickness and pretty much no heartburn (yet). It HAS got to be a boy! I HAVE BEDDING PICKED OUT!

I know it. I feel it. MOTHER’S INTUITION!

At the end of our appointment she says “Got it.” Yay!

The husband and I race home to open it together….

 photo (11)


Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. Yup. It’s a girl.

Upon hearing the news I froze in stunned silence. Audrey, who has decided she doesn’t want a brother because she doesn’t like the boys at school, said “YES!” with a very dramatic fist pump. And my husband leaned up against a wall just long enough to build up enough energy to start pacing the kitchen.

It took us a minute to digest and that’s normal right? You convince yourself things are one way and then they are another. It’s shocking. Am I slightly disappointed? Yes, I will say that I have been a little bummed, I mean everything I had picked out was for a boy. I had my heart set on teeny tiny ties.

Last night I spent the majority of the night online making a Pinterest board full all new bedding and room ideas. Back to square one. Slowly I started to see my attitude change. I felt myself getting excited about ruffles and bows and hardly missing the adorable navy blue whales.

However, one thing will stay the same…