Review & GIVEAWAY!!!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am, to put it mildly, severely overly and psychotically organized.

I loves me some Container Store.

I am also one of those people who’s brain does not work very well all the time so I’ve learned to write things down. Pretty much everything down. Like everything.

I have written down what I am writing down right now. Scary.

So it goes without saying that I love stationary. The prettier the better. So when I came across the magnificent site I just about fell off my chair.


And then this came in the mail….

Even the frickin shipping box is super cute!!

This bad boy is the 2011-2012 Life Planner…and that’s exactly what it does…plan you life. In a super cute and chic way, of course.

Fancy ya’ll

Even their site is the cutest ever with it’s little chimes and colors. But the beauty of their stuff is that it is all totally customizable on top of being super useful. It’s the paper equivalent to the holy grail of purses. (By this I mean the bag that is super cute and awesome looking, not too big but big enough to fit all that baby crap you have to lug around, is cleanable with a baby wipe and somehow makes you look slimmer. You know what I mean right? And if you happen to have this bag, please email me immediately. Like now.)

I just love having a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Don’t you?

I obviously need a vacation…

On top of having the worlds best organizers and planners this site has basically everything else. From iPad/iPhone cases to calling cards and address labels to invitations. I’m warning you, you will want to buy everything.

BUT WAIT!! There’s more!!

What’s better than finding your new favorite website? Finding a GIVEAWAY featuring your new favorite website!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard that right. My piddly little blog is hosting it’s very first giveaway and who better to giveaway than the amazing stuff at


I want to give an extra special thanks to and all the awesome people who make up that company, as well as, Kate Franklin at Bollare PR for providing me with an On-The-Go Life Planner to review and with the $25 gift code for one lucky winner. My opinions are my own and were not swayed in any way. I just really think you guys rock. Woohoo!


  1. Digging the planner and iPhone case!

  2. I love the life planner also and the growth charts!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life planner! Bought one a few months ago, but I know my MIL would really like one. What a great Christmas gift this would be!

  4. Well well well! really cute! So far I am definitely down with the desk calendar, i am more of a phone calendar person but at work I am a total doodler. But now just realizing I can't enter this contest because I cancelled my Facebook :( OH well really cute stuff and will definitely follow on Twitter! Kudos to your fantastico blog Nicole as always <3

  5. Oh one more thing… very much enjoyed how does NFL Football affect your marriage/family (relationship). If you don't like football consider the relationship OVER! #gopackers! @martita628

  6. Laura {A(n) (un)Common Family} :

    I want a monthly planning notebook! Pretty!

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  7. You & I are must have like the same mind bc I LOVE The Container Store! My husband laughs at me because of it haha.

    I really love that box! I saw the picture when I first got here & was like, "Wow! So pretty!" :) The planner is very nice too!

  8. I love everything Erin Condren but I really have a huge crush on their Iphone cases.

  9. Oh I lover her planners! I have been wanting one for a long time! I would love to win this.

  10. I love everything! SO hard to pick just one!!

  11. My favorite entry was the one where you talk about Casey sending Audrey out into the world w/ bubble wrap!

  12. I love the life planners but also the overall concept of the way everything else they sell can be customized. I have been looking for the perfect planner and would love love love to win :)

  13. Marcella Castellanos :

    I absolutely love the life planner, this would totally help me organize my personal/work life. With 5 kids, I need all the help I can get!

  14. I loooove the planners and iPhone cases!!

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