Thanksgiving and in-laws…

It’s Tuesday? Holy crap, when did that happen?

So I missed yesterday, and here is what you missed on the Mommalogues. Yesterday we talked about Thanksgiving.

More accurately, what I will and won’t be eating this Thanksgiving. Check it out….no seriously. You will get a clear definition of TMI. Yeah, I know. But watch it HERE anyway.

And today we are talking about grandparents. What would we do without them?

My kid has 2 sets of loving, devoted and doting grandparents.

In today’s video, I introduce you to Momo, Grandma Extraordinaire.

Watch my video with a special cameo by Momo HERE.


  1. So fun to see Vicki doing a cameo! She looks amazing as always. Such a fantastic family – you are indeed blessed. The first link wouldn't come up, I really wanted the TMI! Great job Nicole.

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