Welcome to my new home….

Well, hello there, fancy seeing you here. Thank you for coming to see my new home. It’s a beauty isn’t it? Yeah, worked on it day and night all by myself.

Okay, that was a lie. I actually paid someone to do it because I’m an idiot. And if you ask her, she will surely agree.

I need to take a minute to introduce you to someone with the patience of a saint and the smarts of Bill Gates. Her name is Kelly Torres and she is the woman behind Twenty70 Hosting.

Lurve her. Like really. Like if I wasn’t already married I would be internet dating her. (Sorry Jennifer and Laura, but I’ve been cheating on you. What can I say, I’m too much blog for one two women.) She not only did all this awesomeness for a very low price, but she did it fast and she endured all my stupid questions with ease. Even let me text her after hours.

Most of you reading don’t even let me do that, and you like me.

(**SIDE NOTE: I just typed Laura’s blog address “An Uncommon [family]” into my google to get the link for that and google was smart enough to finish it with “Drunk”. The internet is on to her.)

Anyway, she created this fab new spot you’re perusing right now. So make yourself comfortable, ohh and ahh to your heart’s content. It’s gorg, I know. And I don’t even use the word “gorg”.

I had been thinking of making the big jump from Blogger to WordPress for a while but was afraid of the cost and the struggles (because like I’ve said before, I’m an idiot and im cheap). Twenty70 did the switch, the design and is hosting for one low monthly price. AND Kelly Torres herself did all my work.

So now you know why I’ve been MIA lately. Well, that and I’m been lazy as hell and my blog has suffered.

BUT I HAVE A REASON! I swear I do…

If  you’re a guy, this will be TMI so feel free to just scroll down now, don’t worry I won’t be offended.

So ladies, the time has come, we said we would wait till Audrey turned 2, which she did last week (birthday post to follow), we are on the baby making train.

Yup. We are so on that train that we have bought our tickets, packed our bags, picked out our seat and ordered a cocktail (gotta get all the drinking in while I can).

But first I had to pull the goalie (otherwise known as ditching the IUD). And if any of you have Mirena, you know how painful that is. Ugh. So I’ve been recovering…and PMSing like a mofo.

I am so damn pleasant right now.

So start sending us all those good baby vibes and prayers for a boy would be nice too.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the Elmo party, the Mommalogues photo shoot and the new furry addition to the family.

Happy Monday, yo!



  1. You are so far from an idiot! You must give yourself more credit. :-) Also, I am sending you all the baby making vibes I have, my husband and I are so not ready for mini-me’s so take all of them! LoL

  2. (**SIDE NOTE: I just typed Laura’s blog address “An Uncommon [family]” into my google to get the link for that and google was smart enough to finish it with “Drunk”. The internet is on to her.)


    You’re big time now. Pretty new home! I like it!

  3. I love the new place. It must be that time of year because this week is my “Grand Re-opening” with my new look. I couldn’t afford to hire someone so I half-assed through it and had my Muse help with the graphics. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for us.

    • Thanks JR! I will head on over and check it out. My girl Kelly was amazing. She even fixed all that I screwed up this morning. Life saver.

      • When you head over for a peek please let me know what you honestly think. If you need to, DM me. I second guess myself all the time and I think it looks good but I have my doubts.

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