Guest Post by Clumsy Crafter!

I am really loving this guest posting series we have going on here. You guys were all so welcoming and sweet to the new kid on the block, Jennifer from Silicone Valley Mommy. I hope you guys all checked out her new site and read her second ever post about Peyton Manning, where she breaks down his new salary and begs for money. It’s worth the read. And Peyton, dearie, if you’re reading this, I too would like a few things…if you don’t mind. 

Today’s guest poster is Bobbie Byrd from Clumsy Crafter. (If you recognize her name it’s because she’s the lucky little bugger that won the giveaway!)

I have to say, I’m really excited about this one. I loves me some easy, n0-sew crafts and today she is teaching us how to make a super cute cape complete with pictures of her oh-so cutie pie daughters. If you like this post, please go check out here site where she has many more just like it, along with stories about her kids, her husband, her new dog and life in Texas. 

(Personal message to Mrs.Byrd: Thank you so much for always being so supportive of my piddly little blog. You da man. Or da woman. Whatever. You know what I mean. You rock.)

Please welcome, Bobbie the Clumsy Crafter…

Hey guys, my name is Bobbie Byrd and I try to write a blog named Clumsy Crafter. Somedays I really think I should rename it to, “Mommy’s Gone Crazy, the laundry pile is now in charge and the dog is eating diapers again” but it won’t fit on my business card. I’m a homeschooling, minivan rocking, mom jean wearing, uncoordinated and slightly crazy mother to three beautiful girls and married to a sweet guy, Mr. Byrd, who puts up with it all. Most days on Clumsy Crafter you can find anything from cute craft ideas to the horror stories of motherhood.

If your kids are anything like mine than they love to pretend to be super heroes. I secretly wish they had super powers so they wouldn’t take five hours to pick up 10 toys. If they could move faster than a speeding bullet can you only imagine how many chores they could do each day while I sit on the couch and eat bon bons? Or they would just whack their sister and then run away so fast that I couldn’t put them in time out?

Every child deserves a super hero cape to live out their dreams and the good news is that now you don’t have to buy one from a high priced children’s store. Today I’m sharing a no sew super hero cape that everyone can easily find the supplies to make. This one is even easier that trying to rig some way to keep the pillow case tied around their neck like a cape.

TShirt to Super Hero Cape. It’s easy, no sewing required and cost about $6 per cape if you use new t-shirts.

To make one cape you will need a t-shirt several sizes larger than what your child is currently wearing, two coordinating patterns or colors of craft felt, scissors and fabric glue. Use new t-shirts or raid your husbands closet.

I also printed out the letters that I wanted on the capes from my computer to use as a template.

You can just hold the letter in place, tape it, or pin it over the top of your flannel and just cut it out. I also cut a diamond shape from the coordinating piece of flannel that was a little larger than the letter.

Using your fabric glue, attach the letter to the diamond shape and set to the side to dry.

Now it’s time to work on the actual cape using the t-shirt.

Lay your shirt out flat on a large surface with the front facing up. Follow the pattern show up above to cut only one layer of the shirt starting at the bottom edge and going towards the back, behind the arms, and over the shoulders.

Once you cut behind the sleeves you go up over the shoulder, around the neckline and back down the other side of the shirt in the same manner.

Then you will have something that looks like this;

When you’re finished it should look something like this. (The backside of the shirt is now pointing up.) The edges of the shirt might seem a little ragged, depending on how bad your scissors are and how many times your kids have used your fancy scissors to cut their Barbie’s hair. There’s an easy way to solve this….. wash and dry the shirt/ cape. When you wash raw edged jersey fabric, the edges get a nice little roll and you won’t see the jagged edges anymore.

After you wash and dry it, it’s time to glue on the super hero symbol that is hopefully dry as well.

Wait until the glue is dry to give it to your kids or if they’ve already seen it, let them have it and keep the glue bottle handy.

Then when they are dry, let them fly. (forgive me)

These capes are pretty safe since jersey stretches when pulled but as always when a child has something around their neck, it’s best to keep an eye on them.

Yes, they had fun, so much fun that they had to have baths before we could leave the house! I really hope that your kids have fun with their new capes too.

Thank you for letting me barge on in and make myself at home Nicole!


Oh you’re so welcome! Mi casa es your blog. (Hey, I got a D in Spanish, get off my back.) I have a few t-shirts of my husbands that I cannot WAIT to take scissors to. (Not because I want a cape, especially, but because they are totally ugly and need be put out of their misery. AND I look dashing in capes. Win-win.)




  1. I loved that post on the AWESOME DIY capes for little ones. She is so crafty and what a great idea. I also love that you gave my new blog one more little plug. But mostly, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! You rock mama-sita!! (I got a D in spanish also!) :-)

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