I don’t really have a title for this one..

So this is my blog and I know I usually post on interesting stuff but this blog is also part diary for my to look back on when Audrey is grown and I forget how cute she used to be. So a few small facts about my kid right now..

#1. She’s obsessed with Toy Story and all that it entails. We have every toy, every movie, pajamas, shirts, shoes, you name it. If it has Buzz and pals on it, we own it. Unfortunately, these things don’t come in girl stuff so everything we have bought has been purchased from the boys department…and we are just fine with that.

#2. According to her older cousins Luke and Kyle, she is the best plane finder ever. The other day I walked by her room when she was supposed to be napping and all I heard was her screaming “PLANE!!” Apparently, there was a plane over our home. This happens EVERY time a plane flys over our house. Just so you know, we live between 2 busy airports. Sigh.

#3. She’s going through the sassy part of her terrible 2’s, on a related note, I want to lock myself in the bathroom often. The other day she raised her hand to hit me when she didn’t like what I was saying and I just looked at her and said “If you hit me, I will put you in time out and you won’t like it.” She smartly put her hand down but then hit herself on the leg over and over looking me straight in the eye and said “Stop it Mommy, you stop it!” I know that being a toddler means having no control over your emotions but this child is half me and half her father and if you know either of us personally you know that this child will spend her entire life learning to watch her mouth. Right now she is filter free and it’s sooooo not fun.

#4. The other day I left for an hour and when I got home Audrey was singing Crazy Train by Black Sabbath like in the Honda Pilot commercial. This is her father’s doing.

#5. Audrey is completely fearless. Water, dogs, bugs, people, animals, dark places, new places, everything, no fear at all. I envy her and and am completely freaked out by it at the same time.

I’m sure I could go on forever but this will do. I need a drink…and a babysitter…and a nap. Pretty much in that order.


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