This morning when I awoke and was having my morning coffee fix, I checked my email and was blown away by how many new “likes” and hits I had on my blog.

Now, I have a great following…I often joke that it’s 6 people that include my mom and my mother-in-law but I kid…(mostly).

But today, whoa, I woke up popular this morning! The word is getting out about my awesomeness? Well, no…I’M ON THE FRONT PAGE OF FREAKING AOL PEOPLE!


Yup, that’s my kid right there. Now I wish I would have used a better camera to take that picture and not just the one on my phone. But who cares!

Upon seeing the sudden influx of attention I emailed my editor at WhatToExpect and she very calmly says, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, AOL liked your post and put it on their front page today…”

Wait, what, huh? YOU FORGOT TO TELL ME?

This is very exciting to say the least. To all the new fan and followers, Hello!




Keeping your toddler busy and your sanity intact.

Are you looking for a way to tire out your toddler? Um, I mean find some peace and quiet for 30 minutes or more. No wait, I mean read Facebook without someone asking to watch UmiZoomi on your phone every 2 minutes.

No, that’s not it. What I mean is are you looking for ways and tips on finding awesome activities to educate and entertain for your toddler in your area?

Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Well, I am over on StaceyMolter.com talking about just that! 

We do swim class and ballet and together I get an hour and a half of glorious peace and quiet.

Worth every freaking penny.

THIS Is Why I Blog

I get asked all the time why it is that I blog. Depending on the day, that answer can change. Sometimes I blog because Audrey is driving me nuts and I want to make sure I’m not actually, well, NUTS. Sometimes I blog because I don’t want to forget something and I’m too lazy to make a baby book. Sometimes it’s to teach or share ideas. Sometimes I blog because the words come out of my fingers better than they do my mouth.

Writing about my miscarriage was the one time I wrote only for me.

When I was going through all of that awfulness, I didn’t really speak with anyone about it. If I tried it would cue waterworks and there’s nothing worse than that girl who is crying…again. I left the job of spreading the news to my husband who never judged, always hugged and bought more wine.

As I was writing it that day I worried. Is it too much? Too personal? Is it too soon? There’s always that one a-hole who likes to be an a-hole and I don’t have the energy to let it roll off my back like I usually do.

But I am so glad I did now. I didn’t realize at the time how much the comments on that post would help in my healing. I remember the first one coming through within minutes of hitting publish. It was from my friend Laurel who has her own story that is not mine to tell here, but hearing encouraging words from someone who deserves nothing but encouragement herself brought me to the ugly cry. And then came the next and the next and the next….I was flooded with love and support in a way I was not expecting.

A few weeks ago I was beyond honored when I was contacted by THE Heidi Murkoff (and one of the nicest people I know) asking if WhatToExpect.com could republish my post.  Then came more encouraging comments and tweets.

And from Twitter came my new friend Tina who asked if I would mind a mention on her own blog. What she wrote I did not expect and was truly touched by.

THIS is the power of the internet and the power of what we do. Sitting here on my couch, in my living room, watching Audrey wreak havoc on my coffee table, my words can speak to a hurting heart in a person on the other side of the country.

And yours can speak to mine. Thank you.





Zzzz…Half asleep…Guest speaker…wa…huh?

Wow, this was early. Like I was half asleep this morning when I was a guest speaker in a marketing class at Northeastern University. Yeah, like a legit college class where I was to be the one giving the advice and guidence.

I’m sure many of you are asking who in their right mind would put me in that position, so I will tell you, rude person. My good friend Dr. Paul, thats who. And you should really watch your tone with me, I don’t appreciate it.

Every semester I speak to his classes (at some ungodly hour) about the powers of social media and building a brand. This semester was no different and I always look forward to it. However, this time is was the day after Halloween. I was dead asleep in a Reece’s Pieces coma when my husband shoved me asking why Paul was calling his phone.


I made it though. A little late and half asleep with the most rockinist (Huh?) bed head. The second class got me after a cup of coffee. I even put on a shirt for the second class after the husband said “You wore that??” Um, these are perfectly nice pajamas thankyouverymuch.(To clairify, I was NOT topless for the first class. Sickos.)

So thank you to Dr.Paul’s class for having me this morning. Feel free to contact me with any questions and I will be sure to try to answer it in a professional and timely manner…but well, it’s me, so I can guarantee the timely part, professional..eh, depends on my mood.

I better go now, the Little Dictator is asking for candy for breakfast. This is going to be a long day.