12 Days of Christmas..Animal Style

Stop what you’re doing…and I know what you’re doing is watching that dog talk about bacon on YouTube. (It’s one of my favorites too. “The maple kind?” Kills me every time.) But stop it.

I just came across what could only be described as cute animal video on steroids…Holiday edition.

Audrey is obsessed with animals right now and we are completely unphased when she up and just started crowing like a rooster or barking at us because we just assume there is an animal on TV somewhere but I just wish I had a camera on this kid when she saw this video.

The 12 Days of Christmas is not a short song by any means and by the time I get to the 8th day I usually want to just throw in the towel with the short-cut “yeah you know the rest” but not my kid.

Every single animal noise…for every single animal…for all 12 days…

That’s dedication if I’ve ever seen it. Also, on a related note…apparently baby chicks oink and owlets tweet. We will keep working on it.

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What is Darwin’s Data?

What is Darwin’s Data?

Take a look around. Take your time. No, I’ll wait.

Did you see it….right over there —->

It’s an ad for Darwin’s Data. Yup, and on a site that has had no ad’s EVER. So what is Darwin’s Data and what makes it so special that I would share my tiny spot in the internet universe with it?

Well, basically, Darwin’s Data is a survey website that pays you to help them conduct research for legal matters. That’s it! Super easy!

I was a bit skeptical at first (I’m married to a lawyer, skepticism runs thick in these parts), so I decided I would try it out myself. I refuse to put anything on my site that I don’t trust completely myself. This is my guarantee to you that I hope you are all familiar with by now.

So a couple of weeks back, I logged on and check it out. First thing you do is answer a basic questionnaire. Simple questions with no right or wrong answer to see (I’m assuming) if you can understand basic legal concepts. Questions along the lines of: Person A did this, Person B did this. Who do you think it right?

Not rocket science and like I said, no right or wrong answers and it only took about 30 minutes. One thing that I thought was odd was that you have to take the questionnaire in one sitting. You can’t leave and come back and you can’t stop mid way for a bit.

I don’t know about your kid, but I’m not allowed to pee alone much less get 30 minutes of uninterrupted computer time so this had to wait till after bed time.

Now the best thing about Darwin’s Data is they don’t ask you to help them out of the kindness of your little heart. Oh no, my little sweet pea. They pay you! And they don’t just say they’re going to pay you. They actually pay you. As in I have received actual payment from them.

Just for filling out the 30 minute introductory questionnaire Darwin’s Data will send you a $10 gift card to Amazon. (Mine went to a Christmas gift for Audrey.) For every survey you take after that you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. It doesn’t get any easier.

So are you interested in joining Darwin’s Data?

First things first, go to DarwinsData.com to register. Once you are all done filling out your questionnaire you will be sent your $10 Amazon gift card via email. After that you will receive an email when a survey is available for you to fill out! That’s all there is to it.

As a bonus, Darwin’s Data offers Darwin’s Deals which is a bonus structure based on how many surveys you take. The more surveys you take the more chances you have to win great gifts like a $500 Visa gift card!

Now go out there and make some extra cash…buy yourself something pretty.

UPDATE: I just finished my first survey for the website. It was really easy and actually took less than the allotted hour to finish it. It started with a short video outlining the case for both the plaintiff and the defendant and then there was a series of questions as to whether or not I thought either was right and how much I thought should be awarded. Again, no right or wrong answers, just my opinions. I will be watching my email for my $25 gift card to Amazon!