I wouldn’t call myself a nag, perse. I like to think of it as a gentle and thoughtful reminder of things that I deem important. Just ask my husband, he will tell you all about it.

One of my favorite things to gently and thoughtfully remind my dear sweet husband of is his use of colorful language around Audrey. While he doesn’t toss around the f-bomb willy nilly he does let “shit” fly here and there. (Pun intended.)

I, however, have prided myself on my ability to leap up onto my pedestal of piousness in a single bound with a completely spotless use to the English language.

So how is it that Audrey said her first bad word on Sunday?

Right here and right now, I would like to publicly admit to the world, in front of my husband, whom I’m sure is currently smirking, that it was me. 


Three years ago today…

Three years ago today…

Three years ago today at exactly 5:24 pm I became somebody’s mother. From the day I found out I was pregnant all I could think about was how she was going to exit my body but by the time that day had come I didn’t care if they had to pull off my nail beds with rusty pliers to get her out as long as the end result was the same.

March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

Since then my life has been turned on its ear in the most special and important way imaginable. I have experienced things I never thought possible, said things I never thought I was say (“Please stop licking the dog.”), and loved so much I thought my heart would burst. I have been so completely mortified by my own child’s behavior that I wanted to climb under a rock (when she knocked over an entire shoe display at Sketchers during a tantrum) and I have been so proud that my face physically hurt from smiling (her first ballet recital).


In the past three years I’ve, at times, been tired in a way that shouldn’t be humanly possible and understood why some wild animals eat their young. I get it now. I’ve gone from being my own boss to being bossed around by a thumb-sucking  dictator.

But even though some days felt like they would never end and I was counting the minutes until glorious bed time, I feel like one day I turned around and my baby was suddenly a little person.

She has become overly dramatic (I like to say she got that from her dad but I’m sure he will point the finger back at me). She no longer just tells me no, now it’s chubby fists on her princess Pull-Up covered hips followed by a defiant “NEVER!!” 

I never eat eggs. NEVER!!”

I never go nap. NEVER!!”



I get it kid, no naps, no eggs. Relax.

She is so smart it’s scary. I know everyone says that about their own child but it’s true (I again will say she got that from her dad and he will agree this time, no doubt). She can tell you the proper name for a handful of dinosaurs, recite the alphabet, count to 20, tell you what color pretty much anything is and back seat drive like nobody’s business.

"Green means GO Mommy!!"

“Green means GO Mommy!!”

She is so tough and so fearless that I find myself often a ball of nerves and grateful for health insurance. It is not unusual to hear a loud bang or crash followed by an “I’m OKAY!” I once saw her tackle a chicken to the ground, roll around and come up with it victorious. Which brings me to the next point…

The chicken didn't stand a chance.

This chicken didn’t stand a chance.

She is an animal lover like no other. From fuzzy bunnies to scaly fish, she doesn’t discriminate, she loves them all.

Today I will make her favorite breakfast, pancakes, and spend the day showering her with love and gifts before we go to see Yo Gabba Gabba live in concert. However, in the quieter moments, I will sit back and reflect on the past three years and try not to cry (but I probably will).

Today my wonderful husband and I will celebrate  our own Mom & Dad-iversaries as well as, the last 1,095 days of parenthood, the good, the bad and the amazingly disgusting.

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Happy Birthday baby girl. Daddy and I are so proud to be the ones chosen by God to be your parents. Everyday we pray for your happiness and your health and for God to give us the wisdom and the patience to do the very best we can for you. I hope one day you will look back on this and know that you are so very very loved.

Xoxo, Mommy & Daddy