Losing faith in humanity, one sale item at a time…

Have you ever wondered about the ridiculousness and stupidity of the people in your surrounding area? Try selling something on a virtual yard sale or Craigslist site. The crazies, they come-a runnin’.

Recently I have been on a mission to rid and clean and de-clutter the house. From the pantry to the playroom, I am gutting it all. The idea came from the discovery of the Facebook yard sale sites. If you aren’t familiar with these little gems, they work like craigslist, only a little more niche, and are supposed to weed out the idiots, flakes, and weirdos since they are invite only pages.

Among the gems I found to sell was a chocolate fountain that was never used, never taken out of the box, surely someone out there would love this and give it a happier home than mine. Upon listing it I was mobbed by “interested!” and “I want it!” Ended up holding it for 2 weeks for someone, the day finally comes, she is getting ready to leave her house to come pick up her party-in-a-box only to finally realize where my home was and that it was too far for her to go for such trivial things.

Um, excuse me?

The next comes my favorite, lets call him “pool table guy”, or PTG for short. The following is my actual listing:

8′ Olhausen Pool Table, purchased from Diamondback Billards. Selling with beautiful wood wall rack, balls, sticks and chalk. Rarely used. $1500obo

PTG: Would you take payments?

Me: Possibly. I would expect at least $500 down then the rest in a timely manner. I would even help with finding a mover for the table when paid in full. The wall rack alone is a few hundred dollars.

PTG: What’s ur location?

Me: [redacted] and [redacted].

PTG: Lol never mind I’m in Phoenix Arizona

***Ed. note: My location is AT MOST 30 minutes away from PTG

Me: Well let me know if you change your mind. It’s not that far if it’s worth it to you.

PTG: No I just don’t feel comfortable sending someone I don’t know 500 dollars who live out in the [redacted]

Me: I totally understand. If you change your mind and want to come look at it, let me know.

PTG: How am I gonna go look at it, I don’t have money to be travling just to see a pool table

And scene.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go bang my head against a wall.