Lesson of the week: When parenting sucks, suck it up

Lesson of the week: When parenting sucks, suck it up

sick 1

There really is nothing worse than having a sick child, really nothing. They hurt, cry and beg you to help them make it go away and all you can really do is comfort them until it gets better. We are lucky in that Audrey is probably one of the heartiest and healthiest kids around. I attribute this boost in immunity to the fact that she sucks her (often disgusting) thumb. Although I always have sanitizer on hand I rarely make it to her (while running and screaming in a slow-motion NOOO!!!) before the thumb goes from the grocery store cart straight into the mouth.


Whatever the reason, we are always thankful of the fact that she has, at worst, had a mild cold in the 3 and half years on this planet… that is, until now.

sick 2

So here we are, day six on sick kid watch and I. Am. Over. It. I know I’m a jerk for complaining when she is the one who is sick (poor thing) but indulge me for a second, I’m tired. Since the onset of the plague I have moved from my bed to the guest room so that I can comfort her around the clock like a good mom. When she in not¬†literally¬†lying on me, which is how she has spent the majority of the last 5 days, she will be lying in my bed ¬†bogarting my iPad and Netflix account.

In the past few days I have been summoned across the house for things like “I have burgers (boogers)”, “my show is over”, “I don’t like this show anymore”, “or this one”, “this one neither” (not being able to find something to watch has been an annoying theme), and “I’m lying down”. This is not “I need to lie down” or “I am having trouble lying down” but that she is physically in the horizontal position and just wanted to let me know.

But my personal favorite was when I did a mad sprint across the house to a crying child thinking a limb had spontaneously flew off her body only to hear, “Can you hand me my juice please?” The juice in question was six inches away from her.

Tylenol, Motrin & iPad

Tylenol, Motrin & iPad

As of now we are on the mend and the plague turned out to be croup.

I may complain to you (and my poor husband) but I would never let her know that. I may be at my wits end but I will always be there with a tissue (or my sleeve) ready and available. I may be blind with exhaustion but there will be a pep in my step when I come’a runnin with her juice…again for the 70 billionth time. And I will always always always make time in my schedule for snuggling.

Even if that does mean I will be next on the plagues hit list.

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