What is it with husbands (and men in general) not being physically able to capture and comprehend to what we say? I mean, I thought for awhile it was just my husband or that what I was saying wasn’t as interesting as whatever was going on inside his pretty little head but apparently it’s become an epidemic among male spouses that needs to be addressed.

Better Half Blogs Marriage

It came to my attention recently in a Geico commercial that was all too familiar to me. You know the one. Two owls are having a conversation. The lady owl says something to the man owl about her friend from work and all he says is “Who?”. She reminds him of her friend whom she has apparenrly mentioned a million times before (as per usual) and he responds once again with “Who?”. At that point she looks like she a third “who” away from punting him out of her tree.

I feel you, kindred owl spirit.

I don’t even get it though. I hear everything. I hear crap I wish I hadn’t heard. Not only that, I remember even more. I can also make dinner, discipline the child, feed the dogs and still recall everything about the conversation had while doing all of this about the topic I could have really cared less about.

It’s called LOVE people. Love and apparently a uterus because I have yet to meet a man, or a woman with a man, who can replicate this incredible feat. Just reading that makes me feel the need to wear a cape on a daily basis.

I have learned to adjust to this shortcoming in my life mate. If he has anything in his hand from his iPhone to an actual apple, I just don’t do it. If he has just walked in the door, I bide my time. If he is watching TV, especially any sport having to do with any of the three major balls (ie. foot, base, or soccer), it’s a no-go on the hi-yo.

Timing is everything people.

But it’s good to know that I’m not alone. Just being aware that I am part of a larger more ignored community makes me feel somehow less stabby.

And I would tell my husband about my new found understanding but chances are he wouldn’t hear me anyway.