I rock Abbey to sleep for every nap and at bed time every single day. I know it’s a bad habit, trust meĀ i know.

Maybe it’s because she was born a tiny peanut four weeks too early and all we did was hold her. Me especially. She was in my arms almost 24/7, breaking every rule I had previously made in my mind, including “I will never co-sleep”. But I wasn’t about to put her down as somewhere deep down in the midst of the hormones and lack of sleep I was slightly convinced that if I did something would happen. Of course it never did.

Maybe it’s because Audrey is five now and has better things to do than let her mom rock her like a baby. Duh mom.

Maybe it’s because I know this is my last baby and this moment, right now, is the youngest she will ever be and every day she is just getting bigger and bigger.

There are only 940 Saturday’s from when your baby is born until they turn 18. That’s 17 down and 923 to go.

So until further notice, I will snuggle, I will sing (terribly) our favorite lullaby, I will study every little eyelash and feature, I will let the dishes wait…

and I will rock.