Sitting pretty with Delta Children

Sitting pretty with Delta Children

I just love finding adorable out-of-the-box gifts for kids, especially if they enhance the environment rather than just add clutter, then I’m all in. Seriously, the last damn thing my playroom needs is another toy–especially with Christmas coming up. So when I received this adorable little chair I was immediately in love.

Delta Children 1

I was really impressed with the bright colors, adorable Paw Patrol print and sturdy construction, I was even able to sit my butt in it. But I was really taken with how much Abbey loves it. At 9 months (OMG time quit flying) she loves to do things that her big sister does, including sitting in a big girl seat and watching TV in the playroom, and this little chair is so perfect for her.

With a price point of $60 for this particular chair, and only $30 for several of their other styles of chairs, Delta Children hits the mark as the one gift your kids might not have asked Santa for but will use and love for years to come. This super cute Paw Patrol chair can be found (in store only) at Target, but you can find their whole line of Delta Children at, with characters like Frozen, Mickey, Minnie, Ninja Turtles and Cars.

I just gave you another great reason to run to Target today, you’re welcome. (Like you needed me to give you a reason at all.)

Delta Children 2

Audrey loves the chair too, she just expresses it in weird way.


*I received this chair as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. 



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