Do babies need so much STUFF?

Do babies need so much STUFF?

Babies are small, beautiful and frustrating little beings. You plan and prepare for them and you get your home ready for them. It’s only after you’ve set up the nursery, planned the bedside crib and sorted out the clothes you need that you realize the sheer amount of money you’ve just spent on the smallest addition to the house. It really begs the question: do babies need so much stuff?

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The truthful answer is that half the equipment, toys and clothes you’ve just spent money on aren’t necessary for the baby. The gadgets like these and the gizmos like these are all a wonderful way to get parents to spend money. Most people find that when they are preparing for their first baby, the overwhelming feeling of shock and surprise gives way to buying a lot of baby things they never use. The baby bath with the built-in thermometer? You find that a year later, still in the box, because you got into the tub with the baby on your chest for closeness. The bottle warmer that was gifted to you? Still in the box because your baby took to breastfeeding like a champ. There are a lot of gadgets out there that are offered to new parents, when really, all the baby needs is you!

There is a great website for new moms that can help walk you through what you need for your first child. By the time you get to your second child, you don’t buy half the things that you did the first time. The rocker that the advert promised would be loved by your new baby is untouched, because actually, they prefer you to do all the rocking and screaming when you put them down. There are devices that mimic the heartbeat sound inside the womb. There are ergonomic baby gyms that play to every single sense and if you don’t have one, you’re frowned at because why wouldn’t you want the absolute best for your new baby?

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The truth here is that the only ergonomic device your child needs is you. They have spent nine months hunkered down in your womb, listening to your voice and smelling your smell. The idea that you need to tuck them into a 2.5TOG sleeping bag in a separate room with a cot that is alarmed to tell you if they have moved, is one that has only come about in recent years. The creators of all these gizmos have called it nesting; and if you’re not nesting by kitting out the nursery with the latest furniture, then are you a good parent?

Of course, you are. Babies need love, warmth, full tummies and clean bottoms. They don’t need an attachment to the pram to rock them to sleep. You don’t have to feel inadequate for the latest and greatest toys and accessories because the accessory that they love the most is you. Say no to the stuff. Boycott spending your cash on things that aren’t needed and have an amazing time bonding with the newest addition to the family.


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