We deserve to feel good too!

We deserve to feel good too!

As mothers, all of our time, energy and love goes into our children and it’s too easy to forget to look after ourselves. Only at the end of yet another long and difficult day do we realize how drained we truly feel, and more often than not, look too. Here’s how you can begin to feel good inside and out again, and still be the wonderful mother that you are.



Eat right

A bit of an obvious point, you may think. Mothers concentrate solely on their children being fed, and more importantly, being fed the right food to help them grow into healthy children. We do tend to forget about ourselves a little, and this needs to change. Giving yourself the right nutrients will make each day that little bit easier to get through, and you will have more energy to tackle all of the obstacles that you’re faced with each day. Next time you make the children dinner, serve yourself a portion too, to make sure that you’re getting exactly what your body needs to function. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too.

Pamper yourself

“Yeah right” I can hear many of you muttering, but seriously, take the time to pamper yourself. Go to the nail salon and have your nails done, take a long hot bath when the kids are in bed and don’t move until the water is too cold to bare with.

Another great idea to pamper yourself is to put on some makeup once in awhile, get your hair done and remember what you used to feel like before your precious bundles of joy came along. You could treat yourself to tape in hair extensions and bask in the glory of how good your hair looks.

Have time away

People say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of going out for the evening with your loved one or your girlfriends, this will certainly come into play. Even though going out will be an amazing, child-free night, you will find yourself missing your children and ready to tackle the next day with a smile.

Being away from your children for a small amount of time will allow you to be yourself for a few hours and have some normal adult conversation; therefore allowing you to relax and feel good.

If you can’t get a childminder, then why not invite the girls over for an evening of wine, chatting, and gossip. There’s nothing quite like catching up with everyone’s lives after some time.

If all else fails, ask your partner to watch the children for an hour and take yourself out for a walk. Nothing clears the mind better than a walk in the fresh air. It will give you time to yourself, and also a great way of getting some exercise in.

Giving yourself the time to feel good will help you remain the calm and loving mother that you are. Mothers deserve to feel good too!


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