4 ways to record better videos of your kids

4 ways to record better videos of your kids


How often have you tried to record videos of your kids only to end up with poor quality footage that doesn’t look great – or is just downright boring? Before you go and splash out on a new camera in the hope that it will let you record better videos, you should first look at the technique that you’re using.

In particular, there are several ways that you can start to record better videos of your kids – with your current camera:

  • Set the frame rate above 30 frames per second

Kids tend to move around a lot, so increasing the frame rate of your video recording will dramatically improve its quality. The difference that the frame rate can make to your videos will be readily apparent once you try it out, and everything should look smoother and more fluid.

Try to record at 60 frames per second if possible – but just be aware it will increase the video file size as well.

  • Get down to their level

One of the main reasons why your videos may look dull and uninteresting is because you’re standing up and recording from your eye-level – which means that you’re really mostly recording the top of your kids’ heads. To make your video look more impressive, you should get down to their level instead.

Assuming you do record from your children’s eye-level – make sure you’re in a comfortable position that you can hold for some time.

  • Don’t chase after your kids

Many parents make the mistake of running after their kids with the camera, thinking it will let them capture all the action. Normally all that chasing after your kids will do is give you a shaky and completely unwatchable video instead.

Rather than chasing after your kids, try to position yourself so that as far as possible you don’t need to move. If you’re using a tripod stand you should be able to pan gradually from side to side – but that should be it.

Make sure there’s lots of light

Lighting is a crucial factor in any video – and the videos that you record of your kids are no exception. Ideally the ‘best’ light is soft light that is diffused enough to evenly illuminate the setting without casting any hard shadows.

Admittedly sometimes you may not have the luxury of determining the lighting, but even a small step like switching on more lights before you’re going to record videos can help.

While the tips listed above will help you capture far better videos of your kids – being able to edit and tidy them up is essential as well. For example, you could use Movavi Video Editor, and while you’re at it may want to apply effects like split-screen using the steps at Movavi.com.

Overall the type of camera that you’re using actually matters a whole lot less than any one of the items described. Odds are you’ll see that for yourself as you try out each tip, and may be surprised just how much of a difference they can make.



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