Declutter your home in time for Christmas!

Declutter your home in time for Christmas!

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Christmas is on the way! Woohoo! But is your home ready for the festive season? Considering the extra toys and games your children will be receiving from Santa, and thinking about the visitors you may have stepping over your doorstep; you really do need to think about having a decluttering session now to get your home ready. You will have greater peace of mind (and more space) if you do!

So, where do you start?

Create a sorting system

For your smaller items, use a three-box system, labeling each with ‘keep,’ ‘sell,’ or ‘recycle.’ This is a helpful way to guide your thinking. When thinking about what to keep, ask yourself these questions.

When did I last use it? (If you have rarely used it, it may not be worth keeping).

Does it hold sentimental value? (You might want to keep nostalgic items).

Do I have a duplicate? (If so, you probably don’t need a copy).

Do I need it in my life? (If it holds no benefit at all, then you probably don’t need it).

After asking yourself those four questions, you should be able to sift through what you own. Should you sell anything, do a price check online to make sure you get the best possible price for your unwanted goods. And remember, you may have something collectable, so it’s always worth finding out before you sell something too cheaply.

Think about your larger items

From surplus coffee tables to pieces of equipment that are no longer functional, consider what you might do with them. You could sell your furniture online, using such online marketplaces as – check here to learn more – or by donating any pieces to local charities who will sell the furniture on at discount prices. And for any equipment that is no longer functional, recycle them at a plant near you or sell them on the classifieds to anybody looking for scrap parts. By getting rid of any of these items, you will instantly create more space in your home for the festive period.

Speak to the kids

You don’t want to upset your children by getting rid of their precious possessions, so have a word with them first. Implement the sorting system we described earlier, and remind them (should they kick up a fuss), that they do need to make room for the new toys and games that Santa will be leaving under the Christmas tree in the coming weeks.

Invest in more storage

To keep a tidy house over Christmas (and beyond), invest in more storage to both manage anything you intend to keep and to store any new items coming into the house. New toy boxes for the children will come in handy, as will new clothes and shoe racks to manage the fashion you may have put on your Christmas list. And if you are struggling with a lack of space, use these storage hacks to help you manage both your old and new belongings.


A clutter-free home is a stress-free home; just the thing you need this Christmas season. We hope you found our ideas useful, but let us know what you think, and gift us with your decluttering tips if you have any. Thanks for reading, and oh yeah… happy Christmas!

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