5 things to expect post-birth

5 things to expect post-birth

There are so many baby books that will tell you how to prepare for a new baby, how to get your baby into a routine and what you need to buy in advance during pregnancy. One thing that the books breeze over is what you should expect after you’ve given birth – and not many of those books are entirely correct about the experience.

The true post-baby experience isn’t all sunshine and roses and it’s so important to know this as early as possible. You are going to be hit with an overwhelming experience of meeting your new baby, so before you experience most of the things that you can read about below, your first big hit will be meeting the person you grew from scratch. Let’s look at the five things to expect when your baby is born.


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You May Not Get The Rush. It’s something that shocks some women: they all expect the rush of love when they meet their new baby. The thing is, not every woman feels that right away. Sometimes, it’s delayed by medications in the system, sheer shock that a baby has just exited their body and the general ‘it has to sink in’ feeling! Do not worry if you don’t get that rush of unconditional love right away – it will come.

You May…Leak. Childbirth places a lot of pressure on the bladder and muscles that support the urethral tract. Leaking urine is not uncommon, it’s just not particularly pleasant! Seasoned mothers often find investing in a pack of adult diapers for the initial six weeks post labor an investment that’s worth its weight in gold. Expect to leak more than usual while your body puts itself back together, and be kind to yourself about it.

You Need More Pillows. If you’ve been through a c-section, you need more pillows. There is a chance you need to sleep propped up for a while, and you also need to press a pillow against your scar when your sneeze or cough so that you don’t feel like your insides are going to fall out! Pillows equal comfort; buy a lot of them.

You May Need Feeding Support. Speaking to lactation consultants while you’re still pregnant is a good way to get acquainted with those who know the ins and outs of breastfeeding. If you’ve chosen not to breastfeed, you still have research to do on the formula and sterilization methods of making up a bottle.

You May Feel Broken. Physically, childbirth is a slog. Your vagina is going to take time to heal and not feel so tender, so using warm water baths when you pee for the first few weeks can help. Your belly takes time to shrink down to normal, but it still may feel jelly-like for a while so supportive underwear is a must. Your boobs are in production, so they’ll hurt. Supportive nursing bras are a must.

Your whole body has gone through an ordeal – a natural one, but an ordeal nonetheless. Be kind to yourself with it and enjoy the rollercoaster ahead!


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