Important skills to teach kids

A gift that keeps on giving from a parent to a child is the art of self-sufficiency. Being able to live and prosper on your own is one of the most amazing skills that you can have in life. It’s really overlooked by parents and teachers because we live in a world that is modern and has anything we would ever need right at our fingertips. Unfortunately, life is always ready to hand us a big bowl of lemons from which we will either taste the sour and bitter flesh from, or we will make a delicious Sicilian lemon mousse. It’s this kind of approach that allows us to keep our heads up when we get older and have to live on our own. Children need to be taught things that make themselves self-sufficient early on in life so they see it as natural when they are grown up.


The thread and the needle

 It sounds very simple, but sewing is a skill that can help us long into our lives. Teaching children how to sew can be fun, because you can make lots of different things with them. You can make sock puppets, different outfits, costumes and toys. You should start off slow by showing them how to repair tears in their own clothes. Children are likely to play rough and make small rips here and there on their everyday clothes so you can use them as examples. Show them the basic tightening patterns and techniques after the basic thread and needle coupling. Eventually as they get older they will be able to repair their own socks, gloves, jackets, pockets, jeans and more. This will allow them to save money and not have to buy brand new clothes every time they have a small tear that eventually gets worse.


 Specialized hand communication

 One day your children will need to send a card to somebody for some reason or other. They should have the skills of making it memorable as you never know they might be sending it to their boss, a best friend who is getting married or to their fiance. Using an embossing heat tool they can make their own patterns, shapes, writings and even images fixed onto a card in a 3D manner. It will definitely stand out from your normal basic card shop style but will also carry with it a personal touch that the recipient will appreciate. This is great fun for small children as they get to see some of their characters, likes and hobbies come to life and look like they have been professionally made.

 Weaving a personal touch

 A simple woven bracelet is a great way to make something personal but which can be used in many different ways. A totally handmade bracelet can be used as a book marker, an item on a key chain or just worn normally. This is something personal and allows them to be creative and show their personality in the way they dress as well.

Teaching children how they can be self-sufficient is something they will appreciate long into old age. It begins something that they can improve on to help make their own life better.



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