We need to talk….

I have a confession… I’ve been cheating on you. I KNOW! I’m terrible…but it’s not what you think.

I haven’t been here because I have, GASP…. been writing for someone else! And it was gooooood.

What can I say, I get around… the internet. I am easy… to read.

I was approached by the apparently misinformed awesome ladies of SheKnows.com to do some articles for moms by moms about all that is trendy, fashionable and beautiful. Right up my alley, right? Cuz I am totally not the person who comes to mind when you think of fashion and beauty. (Thank God, ya’ll can’t see what I look like right now. However, I do make mismatched dirty PJ’s, unwashed hair and a face that hasn’t seen a drop of makeup in days look hawt. I am almost exactly like Victoria Beckham, only not at all.)

I will continue to bore you with my piddly little blog, it’s not going  anywhere. In fact, it’s GROWING everyday!

I appreciate your support in this new endeavor and hope you will check it out! And I hope all of you are following me on Twitter. You wouldn’t want to miss out on important things like what I had for lunch or my reiterating of conversations had with Rutherford about my “raging Sangria habit” or the fact that he now refers to me as “Sangria Lohan”. 

I have to go now…my glass is empty.

And you have to go read this —> The most awesome SheKnows article ever!