Are your kids all tied up?

Are your kids all tied up?

The moment you become a mother, you need to impart a whole wealth of knowledge. That child is a sponge. You need to make sure they absorb everything from how to walk and talk, to how to identify shapes. Even once they’ve grasped the basics, there are more lessons to learn. When they’re older, they need to learn how to get dressed and, what we’re focusing on here, how to tie ties and shoelaces.

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Both of these stumps every child at some point. They’re tasks we take for granted but they’re actually pretty complicated. It’s no wonder, then, that they’re difficult for little brains. Most parents praise velcro shoes and elastic ties. But, there comes a time when your little one will need to learn how to do these things for real. At the very least, they’ll want to follow the lead of other kids in their class. And, when that time comes, it can be difficult to know where to start. After all, these are things you’ve been doing without thought for years. Knowing how to pass that knowledge on can be tricky. Lucky for you, though, we’ve got some pointers which could help.

Remove alternatives

We get it; you’re a busy mom, and taking time out to teach things like this isn’t easy. Hence why you reach for alternatives rather than tackling the teaching task. The trouble is, substitutes don’t teach anything. Quite the opposite. If your child uses velcro shoes, they’ll never learn how to do their laces. If they slip an elastic tie over their heads, they’re not going to understand how to tie one. What’s more, having these options will stop them from even trying. The answer? Take away the alternatives, of course!

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Use rhymes

With alternatives out of the way, it’s time to find easy ways to teach those valuable lessons. One of the best options here is to use rhymes. Parents have been doing this for goodness knows how long, and with good reason. Kids seem to learn well with the help of rhymes. For one, these take the menace out of those kids ties and loopy laces. They’re also a fantastic way to ensure your child doesn’t forget the steps they need to take. There are many rhymes already out there you could use. Or, you could make up your own. Either way, this method is sure to wiggle into your child’s memory and make for long-lasting lessons.

Practice makes perfect

The last thing to bear in mind is that practice makes perfect. There are few children out there who will be able to do this after their first lesson. What’s more, expecting them to do so could lead to their feeling disillusioned with the whole affair. Instead, make sure they know that it’s okay to take their time with practice. It may take them a week or more to get right, but they’re sure to get there eventually. The more they practice, the more chance there is of your lessons sticking!


5 simple ways to make sure your kids stay active

5 simple ways to make sure your kids stay active

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When you’re a parent, it’s safe to say that you’re always going to want to make sure that your children are healthy. There’s nothing more frightening to a parent than having a sick child. So you often want to do anything and everything within your power to make sure that you can keep them healthy. Not only will this involve feeding them well and protecting them from getting common illnesses and sicknesses, but it also means that you have to keep them active and prioritize exercise too. But a lot of the time, you’ll see your children running around and just assume they’re active enough, even though they might not be. So let’s take a look at five really simple ways that you can make sure your kids stay active.

  1. Have Fun With Them

We’re going to kick off with a really simple idea that can be really effective, and that’s for you to have fun with them. If you want them to be active, then you need them to get active. Sitting inside and playing on games isn’t going to do that. Instead, you need to have fun. Run with them, jump, skate, ride bikes, or just go to active play places that allow the to do all of the above for an hour or so. That way, you know that they’ve got a wealth of exercise in for the day.

  1. Encourage Them To Get Outside

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that they spend enough time outside. Because when they’re in their bedroom, you know that they’re not getting active. But when they’re outside, they are. So look into toys and games that will encourage them to get outside. Look at kids’ dirt bike advice and reviews on other active products. Then you can choose something that will get them outside every day.

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  1. Encourage Their Active Hobbies

Does your child have a hobby? If not, maybe it’s time to encourage one. Even if they love to read or draw, you may find that looking into hobbies for kids that are a bit more active is what you need here. Because if they’re doing something like dance or martial arts, you know that they’re getting active when they practice.

  1. Enroll Them In Extracurriculars

At the same time, you could also look to enroll them in different school extracurriculars, namely sports. Whether it’s soccer or hockey, you may find that if they can take up a sport, then they’ve also go something else in their life that is going to keep them fit, active, and healthy.

  1. Make The Most Of Your Weekends

Finally, you should also look to make sure that you can make the most of your weekends. Because you really do need to lead by example, and this means that you should be getting active with them. So instead of sitting in at the weekend, go for a hike or a bicycle ride as a family, just to make sure that you’re as active as possible even when you have time off.