Great gifts he’s certain to want

Great gifts he’s certain to want

Buying gifts for the men in your life can be exceptionally tough. They’ve got everything they need and buy themselves what they want. Without resorting to the good old-fashioned aftershave set, what does that leave? Many men are left opening gifts they don’t really want or have no use for at Christmas and birthdays. Many of which stay in the box until getting thrown away or re-gifted. So, instead, why not try one of these gifts he’ll actually want.

An Experience Day


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Experience days come in a huge range of different types. If he likes things fast, why not buy him a driving day and let him have a go in a fast car around a faster track? If he’s into food and drink, you could get him cooking lessons or a tasting experience. Does he like extreme sports? There are plenty out there he could have a go at. Or, does he enjoy the quieter life? In which case a couple’s spa day or some art lessons could be a great option. Think about what he enjoys doing or things he’s said he’d love to try in the past. Then have a look to see what’s available.

If a structured day doesn’t appeal, why not plan your own. Look at ways to keep the kids occupied and try to fit something around this. It could be something as simple as a picnic together on the beach.



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Many men rarely buy themselves clothes. They buy things for work or an outfit for a particular event. But never just day to day clothes. If you’re not sure what he likes, take him shopping or look online together and offer to buy him something. If you are really stuck, it’s probably safe to assume he needs new pants, socks or shoes.


More men are wearing jewelry than ever before. But, many are reluctant to buy it for themselves. Think about his style and tastes. Would he prefer beachy beads, or classic silver or gold? Can you see him in a bracelet? Or would he prefer a necklace? Not all men are into jewelry, but if he is, this is a thoughtful gift.

A Watch


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In the days of smartphones it’s perhaps surprising how many people still like to wear a watch. This is a classic gift he’s sure to appreciate.

A Subscription Box

Nowadays subscription boxes are available for everything, including food, clothes, and memorabilia. In many ways, they are the gift that keeps on giving as he’ll get a treat every month. Read some subscription box reviews and think about what kind of things he likes to get some ideas. Some great options include food hampers, whiskey or wine tasting sets and gaming goods.

Tickets to an Event

Tickets to an event is a great gift. This could be a sporting event, show or music concert. You are buying the chance to spend the day or night doing something they love. Just make sure he’s free for whatever you book and that you arrange childcare or time off work if it’s needed, so he doesn’t have to stress out making arrangements and can just enjoy himself.

Buying gifts for men doesn’t have to be tough. Just spend some time thinking about his hobbies and interests, then try and find something that’s relevant to these. You can always keep the receipts. Just in case.

What’s on your husband’s wish list this year?


My husband can keep a secret

My husband can keep a secret

There’s been so much going on around here. I really should blog more. But I guess being too busy enjoying life is good enough reason to let the blog lack a bit. Agree? :)

So the SensatioNail giveaway was a hit and we had a wonderful winner! So fun. I’m still playing with the different colors and adding glitter paint on top now and then. Who knew I had it in me.

Mother’s Day has come and gone and it was wonderful. My husband out did himself this year.

My husband, in the past, was all about the gift card bought last minute (literally, that afternoon) and maybe a card. It’s the thought that counts, right? But that’s why this didn’t mean much to me, there was no thought to it. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not completely ungrateful, it was always nice.

However, every now and then, he surprises me and makes me all swoony.

Once, he watched the baby for a few hours. Nothing too major but apparently it hit a nerve with him and the next day I got the most heartfelt card and some spending money.

There was thought there.

For Mother’s Day this year he surprised me by getting together with a friend of mine and buying me a necklace I had pinned to my Pinterest. (The friend helped because he had no clue how to do Pinterest nor how to order from Stella & Dot.) As much as I LOVE this necklace, I was almost in tears when when I opened it because of the thought and the time he took. Right now he’s busier than ever at work but he still found time to make me feel important. The thought was a gift in itself.

Hey kept telling me there was more, I had another gift coming but since he is terrible at keeping secrets, I was sure I could get it out of him but no luck. His commitment to his secret was admirable (and annoying).

Turns out my big surprise came via Southwest Airlines last Thursday in the form of my little brother Bobby.

I am blessed because I am loved.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. We have a tough job.

PS. I remembered to send my own mom a card this year. :)

Okay so Miss Jennifer told me I had to add in this little tid-bit of information. So when my brother and my husband walked in I was changing the baby in her room. Once I turned around and saw my brother I ran to hug him leaving a half naked baby sitting on the changing table with a WTF look on her face. Mom fail. My husband has it all on tape too. Haha.