3 tips for getting your teen road ready

At some point in the future, all parents will have to think about helping their child to pass their driving licence and get on the road. The issue is that most people have no idea where to start when it comes to assisting their loved ones. So, use some of the tips below to ensure you give your kids all the support they require.

 Take them out in your car

 Alongside their official driving lessons, parents should consider taking their kids out for a drive whenever they get a spare few minutes. Try to head to shopping center car parks and places where there isn’t a lot of traffic. Those extra hours spent in your vehicle should mean your little ones pass their test as quickly as possible.

 Test their theory knowledge

 It’s vital that all drivers understand road theory, and there are many textbooks and smartphone applications available to assist with learning. However, parents can help their kids by testing them during the evenings before they go to bed. Make sure you get involved!

Get them a car

 Human beings are sometimes like donkeys in the fact that you have to dangle a carrot to get them to move in the right direction. Getting a car for your child ahead of time could encourage them to get on the road much faster than they otherwise would have done.

 So, now you just have to put that advice into action to ensure your child passes their test. You can also check out the infographic below for information on the most cost-effective ways to get a car.


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Safe winter driving with children

Safe winter driving with children

As dangerous as we recognize driving our children in our cars to be during the winter months, unfortunately we must still do it. We must still do it because life doesn’t come to a standstill just because there is ice or snow on the roads. Specifically, your children’s schools do not shut just because the temperature drops and the roads become dangerous. Unfortunately, you must still drive your children to school and anywhere else they need to go even when the conditions are poor. But, fear not as there are ways to make this a safe exercise. Read on to see a few of them.


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Get yourself a winter-ready car

There is a host of cars out there that come with specific qualities that see them branded as winter-ready cars. A car that could be branded as such is the Suzuki Swift. What the Swift comes ready made with is the ultimate tire to road gripping system: ALLGRIP. What this does, as well as the special SZ5 trim that comes wrapped around its wheels, is making sure that whoever drives the Swift feels in complete control of it, no matter how dangerous the roads may be.

Another, far more familiar winter-ready car is the Range Rover Sport SUV. This is a huge car that has the capabilities to keep the whole family safe, whether they are traveling by car on the roads, or off them.

Watch your own driving, and watch out for other drivers

However, no matter how good or winter-ready your car (or how new the car) may be, you’ve still got to do all you can yourself to drive as safely as possible. What this means is that you should go as slow as is safely possible in order to be able to deal with black ice when you suddenly find yourself upon it. It means you should find alternative routes if you know a specific route to be dangerous during the winter. And it means you should always be vigilant for other cars that may be skidding out of control.

If you don’t want to be accused of causing wrongful death, and if you don’t want other road users to harm you or your children this winter, don’t be negligent with any aspect of your driving. Don’t be negligent in regards to your own driving being and becoming a danger. And don’t be negligent in regards to spotting potential dangers coming you and your children’s way.

Don’t subject your children to more danger than they already face

Being on the roads during winter time is dangerous enough for your children, so don’t subject them to any more danger. And one such way to stop your children facing any more danger is to not let them wear winter jackets whilst seated in the car. This is because the wearing of big, bulky jackets can result in the seat belt not being tight enough around them. And when this is the case, the odds that they become harmed during a collision rise considerably. But, don’t worry as there are ways to keep your children warm in your car this winter, even without their big jacket there to do it.

Winter is a very dangerous time to drive, there are no two ways about it. But you can keep your children safer this winter if you really have to drive them to and from school or take them on family days out — you just need to take heed of the advice above to do so.